As a full-time member of the fairer sex, I must admit I like a bit of fuzz on my man. Now I’m not saying you should throw away your razors and rediscover life as a hippie – not that it would be such a bad thing. No. I’m merely suggesting a break from the ol’ wake-and-shave routine. Maybe a Saturday with a bit of rock’n’roll stubble wouldn’t be so bad for your upstanding-member-of-the-society image.

We all feel the need to be a bit rebellious sometimes and we as women don’t have much freedom when it comes to our facial hair. Since we don’t have any. And if we do… well… the last thing it suggests is “rebellious”. I don’t think you can look at a girl sporting a stache and say: “Oh my, isn’t she rebellious today!” So, boys, you’ve got the upper hand here! Use your facial hair for good! Try a casual sexy bad-boy look and you might just get lucky.

Incidentally, in June 2008 (and I’m positive this still applies), The Daily Telegraph reported that women prefer men with stubble for love, sex and marriage. What are you waiting for? Let your inner beard shine!

As Action Hank said, in that one very inspiring episode of Dexter’s Lab,

...although I’m pretty sure the beard on the outside matters too.