Filled with adventure, excitement and plot twists, this gigantic 1000-page novel is a sure thrill for those who actually like to read. In the eyes of the die-hard fantasy fan, A Game of Thrones promises and delivers.

First of all, I’d like to warn those of you who have seen the show made by HBO after the book about one thing: the creators of the series have really outdone themselves, thus making almost an exact replica of what you will find between the covers of the novel. There is a distinct possibility that you will get bored, having already known what will happen. Just a heads up. But then again, the chapters are laid out as different points of view. Yes, structurally, this is a POV novel, but better. A multiple POV novel. And when have things with ‘multiple’ in the title ever disappointed? (except when referring to, maybe, sclerosis or something.)

Tip: you will most probably encounter a character that will stick with you more than the others. It’s okay to flip through that character’s chapters (without reading the others) if you’re really really fond of him/her. It might even bring about a whole new reading experience.

Look out for Tyrion Lannister, since he is an amazing anti-hero. You won’t be able to hate him, that’s for sure.

Warnings: this book is highly addictive. Pick it up only if you have enough time on your hands.