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Under $25 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

Oxo Strive Advanced Bottle

Get On The Level How would you rate your gym kit? I mean, we all know it’s essential not only going there, but making sure you want to arrive each and every time. To give it your best. To grow. If, when leaving the gym, the only thing you feel is the urge to get back there as soon as … continue reading

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Griffin Pocket Tool

Griffin Pocket Tool – The Maestro A true virtuoso of pocket tools, Griffin, released by Coyote Mountain Outdoors is designed and thought to leave all the competitors behind. If taken one by one, all the functions accomplished by this amazing little gadget would need all the space of your backpack. But with it, you shouldn’t even feel a thing. Just … continue reading

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TAC Force Rainbow Knife

TAC Force Rainbow Knife Have you just recently seen your favorite action film and been inspired to take up some sort of bladed defense? Have you recently developed a hobby based on weapons training and seek to improve your skill with an out of the box blade? One blade that still hold high regard amongst most is the ever popular folding knife. … continue reading

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Magic Coin Pouch Manages Your Change

Time for (a) change Most wallets boast designs that are perfect for storing numerous bank notes, cards and IDs. However, we’ve yet to see one that deals with coins. “But you don’t actually need coins, they’re just laying around”. Tell yourself that when you want to pay for your parking spot or get a snack from a vending machine that … continue reading

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HexCups Make Beer Pong Better

Upgraded Beer Pong Who hasn’t played beer pong at least once in their lives, during college years? We all know how fun it is, so it was high time someone made a special kind of cup for it, because the game deserves it. And in case you don’t know what beer pong is, here is a little explanation: beer pong … continue reading

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The BOx Smart Bottle Opener

So the warm weather is here and you want to be with your friends and have some cold beers, but you don’t always know when  your friends are actually drinking? With this new product you will know every time when one of your friends cracks open a bottle with the Smart Bottle Opener. Nobody should drink alone. BOx is a smart and … continue reading

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Keysmart Holds Your Keys Together Tightly

We probably all started small when it comes to keys. One from the front door, another from the car, and maybe one from the whiskey stash you wish your wife wouldn’t know about. At this point, a keyring is pretty easy to manage, even easy to misplace, causing you to check all your pockets twice before finding it. Still, as you add … continue reading

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Benshot Ballistic Barware: Bullet Glass

Having a shot of whiskey? Tequila? Obviously, you’re not about to swallow a bullet filled with your favorite alcoholic beverage. Or, are you? Benshot came close to this concept b presenting the first ballistic barware set. While it isn’t a bulletproof-glass (although it appears so), it does hold a bullet; but just for the looks. Can’t quite wrap your head … continue reading

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Plank Magnetic Shelf For Your Keys

Are you always looking for your keys? Do you spend half of the morning looking for them all over the house? If you are like most of us then you are. And anyway, in this day and age people want a clutter free environment to live in, especially if your living space is small and you want to keep things … continue reading

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Why the Card is the Most Important Part of Valentine’s Day Gift

That Time Of The Year Is Upon Us Guys, Valentine’s Day is coming. Now, we understand you want to impress her with a special gift, everyone wants to. A well thought gift could get you a long way, in all kinds of dimensions. So you just want to make it perfect, or at least better and better every year. It’s … continue reading

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