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Levitating Wood Coffee Table

Magnets. How do they work? Well, we won’t go into too much technical detail about the physics of things. All you really need to know is that this coffee table will never be down to earth and grounded in reality. Held together by magic and a bit of science, the table elastically deforms and stabilizes when force is applied. This is the table Houdini himself would have used to serve his in-between-gigs coffee on. Its modern design makes sure it will fit your sleek office, while the warmth of … continue reading

Migaloo’s Kokomo Ailand is the first self-propelled island

So, what is there more expensive and awesome to buy than a Batman suit and vehicles? Not even a yacht may compete with such awesomeness. Still, Migalo managed to offer an alternative to the large boats anyone (anyone from the top 10%) has by providing submersible yachts for their clients. Now they took everything one huge step forward, and are ready to give a full artificial island for anyone willing to pay the insanely high price.

Branch Chandelier by Keha3

Light your room with the latest aluminum tree mimic chandelier, in my opinion, a piece of inspiring craftwork coming out from the need of understanding the balance between our modern westernized civilization and the wave calling for a return back to basic principles of living. It is said that for a man to fulfill his meaning on Earth, he must have a kid, build a house and plant a tree. Well, the tree side of this triangle is covered by the guys at Keha3, a design management … continue reading

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Groundbreaking: Lexus Hoverboard Is Real And Working

There probably hasn’t been any other device in the whole history of science fiction movies that made the geeks go nuts than the hoverboard. You do remember “Back to future II”, right? Everything about the hoverboard remained just a very basic concept, that is until Lexus decided to release a teaser that was going to rock everybody’s world. While in about 20 years we went from basic, brick size (and weight) phones to iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, only few improvements were made to skateboards, mostly by adding a small electric engine.

Idaladla, A Prefabricated Tiny House

Nano-housing might be the future. I mean, there is this spacing problem that comes with the overpopulation. But let’s try and make this a cool thing. Living smaller is actually neat. It’s not only some hipster way to go around living the daily life, it also gives you the option to have a utilization for each and every inch of your place, thus maximizing the role your home should play in your life. A company coming out of South Africa came with the Idaldla, a pre-fabricated nano-home. … continue reading

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Terrafugia TF-X Might Be The First Legal Flying Car

Terrafugia is not just a new child company just reaching the market and expecting to revolutionize. They’ve been there since 2006, and they are one step closer to providing the personal flying vehicle that will fit inside a regular home garage. According to Terrafugia’s description, the TF-X should be the easy to handle, lightweight, fast and comfortable flying car. TF-X has a lot of goals to check before being released, both in terms of safety and performance. For example, TF-X should be designed to be easy to … continue reading

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Growth Is The Origami Unfolding Pot

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have clothes grow up the same we do? Yeah, probably I wouldn’t want to wear my baby outfit at my wedding anyways. However, plants don’t seem to mind at all. As long as the pot they’re placed in is able to fit their roots, it is perfectly fine. GROWTH uses an inovative design,  synchronizing to the natural growth process of plants, expanding in size as the living organism inside increases in size. Ayaskan, a London-based studio is the one providing the secheme … continue reading


Strap This Spiral Staircase Onto Any Tree

If you have ever dreamt of having your own tree house, well, this is not going to quite get you one, but it might simplify the process. Let me introduce to you the CanopyStair, yes, in one word only, because it’s better for the defining the item which promises to deliver a good time for anyone looking to spend time out there, in close touch with mother nature. You can set it up with ease, without the use of any tools. What this item actually does is … continue reading

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