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Desktop Neo Is Redesigned For Productivity

Revitalize, Don’t Reshuffle First of all, I want to say I am really grateful for finally getting to write my thoughts about Desktop Neo. So thanks for allowing me to appreciate on paper something I’ve been watching for a long time. Second of all, Desktop Neo is still just a “conceptual desktop operating system” which means there is still … continue reading

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DeLoreans – Back In Production

Back To Future Everyone loved that movie. I mean, there was this little thing called fantasy that we all used to have with us wherever we went when we were kids. But the main attraction in there was definitely the car. For me, at least, it most surely was. The way those doors got up and let me dream about … continue reading

Fontus – Or How You Can Turn Air Into Water

Fontus Is The New Technological Landmark I know it might not look so big, but just imagine not having to plan your bike trip depending on the hydration sources available. And this is just one simple, selfish argument. For the entire world this could be a game changer. You could now literally harvest water. Fontus is powered by solar cells … continue reading

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Tentsile Suspended Tree Tent

Camping 2.0 Brought By Tentsile It’s a special thing going camping with a suspended hammock. They have been around for quite some time, thanks to this company called Tentsile and their lovely concept. But now they wanted to take it to the next level, which they totally did. Meaning they turned into reality a suspended tent entirely. That is pretty … continue reading

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The Musket By Hazan Motorworks

A Brilliant Concept, The Musket Sets New Standards The musket is one of my all-time favorite customization jobs made on a two-wheeler. Max Hazan is regarded as the world’s best in this domain as we speak, his works are absolutely incredible. The Musket is not an exception to that. Quite on the contrary, we say this one should be considered … continue reading

Turbo Destroyer By DP Customs

Street-Legal Turbo Destroyer If you have ever dreamt of a bullet-like motorbike to abide your commands, DP Customs wanted to take that dream and convert it to reality. This long and low bike is excellence on two wheels. It is what you expect from a customization job made with tremendous skill. This bike is a beast, a two wheeler with … continue reading

Jannarelly Design-1 Takes Roadsters To Current Era

There are a ton of pipe dream projects out there targeting roadsters. However, it is sad to see that many of them don’t leave design stage while others are barely aesthetic or functional, not even to consider a possible series. Jannarelly Design-1 does, however, take a totally different route and delivers a project inspired from 60’s roadsters but with way … continue reading

Boba Fett Ballistic Armor

A Box Full Of Surprises Today, jumping out of our box full of surprises, it’s a body armor to make you prepared for when the little green men arrive. I can just imagine how short the Independence Day movie would have been if everyone on Earth had one of this. Alright, but how about a great gift for your little … continue reading

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Svako BMW R100 Survival Moto

Be Not Afraid – The Survival Moto Is Here We all know the Zombie Apocalypse will eventually come and there’s no reason to be afraid. Rather than that, you should be prepared. When the mindless scourge approaches you, the amount of hardcore badassery needed to get past them will be way too much for many to handle. But not for … continue reading

BMW 4 Series Convertible Unique Interior

Unique Interior And Fresh Minds Carlex Design is a Poland based team specialized in creating unique car interiors, dealing with various types of vehicles manufacturers. This time, they took upon a BMW 4 Series Convertible to make it look marvelous, like nothing I’ve seen before. What they did is put their fresh imagination to work and innovate what was already … continue reading

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