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CopperState Overland Toyota Land Cruiser F43

Restored to perfection If there’s one thing which doesn’t depreciate as time goes by, that’s a classic car. Yes, wine may get better with age, but you can only drink it once. Copperstate Overland is known to provide 4×4 enthusiasts with a 4 day rally through the immense Arizona landscapes, in October. This time, they’re throwing for auction a perfectly … continue reading

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Minimalistic Enhanced Screwdriver

Minimalistic Enhanced Screwdriver Have you ever seen your basic toolbox? In it, normally you have several different styles of screwdrivers, and save for a power drill, they all have the same design flaw. The handle, doesn’t allow for much manual power. While stumping many, people will at times have to turn to more powerful tools just to get the job … continue reading

2018 Mercedes AMG GT R “Green Hell Magno”

Embrace The Asphalt Jungle With the color nickname definitely hinting to a particular portion of the Nordschleife, where the car was laid down on the drawing board, the first public encounter with the 2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R is amazing. First of all, the “Green Hell Magno” will be only available for the R version. The tuned down GT units will … continue reading


Base Camp Trailer For Rugged Outdoors

Fully Customizable Base Camp Support Getting out in the wilderness for a few nights of fully natural experience? Unless you want to go full Bear Grylls mode and light up potentially dangerous fires in the woods, hike for miles and satisfy your hunger with worms, guys at Base Camp have a better alternative. An american designed and built trailer equipped … continue reading

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Russian Dakar Truck: Kamaz Master

Kamaz Master of the 2016 Dakar Rally One of the most challenging automotive competitions in the world, the Dakar rally takes the best vehicles and pilots and properly tests their limits. From Paris to Dakar or through South America, thousands of kilometers are covered by endurance machines, running between 800 and a 1000 km each day. Russia is renowned for … continue reading

Yamaha MT-07 Onyx Blade

Onyx Blade – Yet Another Statement Of Awesome It’s not a secret we, here, at HisPotion, are big fans of Rough Crafts and the way Winston Yeh creates magic out of dust. If to you, looking cool is more important than surviving during a zombie apocalypse, this is what your doctor should prescribe, because this ride is badassery incarnated. Codenamed … continue reading

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Honda CB350F by Apache Custom Motorcycles

Rebirth of a classic Honda piece Custom builds are not even remotely as easy as they might seem in Discovery shows. In fact, it takes a lot of work, dedication and experience to be able to built a proper bike from scratch. Furthermore, restoring is even harder, if you can believe that; basically, technicians need a full understanding of the … continue reading

Barisieur Alarm Clock Wakes You To Coffee

It’s Monday morning, and you might have a really nasty hangover waiting to kick in as soon as you wake up. Fortunately, you can get a cup of coffee right when the alarm starts pounding against your eardrum. Industrial designer Josh Renouf developed Barisieur, an alarm clock that brews a cup of coffee right when you wake up, easing the … continue reading

BMW Vision Next 100 Car Concept

When it come to concept cars shown and various auto shows, we are most of the time welcomed with futuristic designs and maybe newer engine technologies. However, it is rare event to see an actual spaceship; a car that doesn’t fit into any category currently available. It’s the case of BMW 100 years celebration model, which comes with wheels molded … continue reading

The Pagalli Project Smart Wallet

The History Behind The Pagalli Project is here to present the real smart wallet. Vincente Pagalli was an Italian adventurer and entrepreneur. He had a genuine passion to define excellence in leather accessories field. Beautiful and functional were the words best describing his work. Now, the Pagalli Project wants, with the best materials at disposal, to create a wallet able … continue reading

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