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Bamboo Brilliance Design

New times, new shapes So many great things have come out of carving wood, making it bend to the will of the man. From tools to weapons, from heat to structures and defence positions. Maybe these things have gone too far now, but that is a discussion for some other time. This is what the Taiwanese designer Cheng-Tsung Feng wanted … continue reading

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Poetic Sand Clock

As time goes by… Humans is the only species living on this planet, surrounded by this beautiful nature we share with others, which account for the time they spend under the sun. We count how much we spend in school, at work, sleeping or how much time we need to arrive at point B after leaving A. Time is an … continue reading

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Pico Home Brewing Machine

Watching TV at home has a whole new meaning A new awesome Kickstarter project appeared before our eyes this morning. It’s called Pico, the Home Brewing Machine. As the name suggests, you can automatically brew beer at home, 5L mini-kegs, professionally and at a high quality. To put it with simplicity, as we like to, using the ready-to-brew PicoPak kits, you … continue reading

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Philips iPhone Compatible Smart Shaver Series 7000

Another step forward Since the inception of the smartphones and the, let’s call it, “app’s micro Universe”, everyone wanted to create content filled with utility for their customers, thus enlarging the possibilities of expansion to an unlimited and unprecedented range. Nowadays, every company, website, project, retailer, basically everyone commercially involved has an app linked with their products, which is good. … continue reading

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Suzuki GSX-S1000 ABS Motorcycle

The “pure sport roadster” I don’t know about you, but when I like to think of myself as a adventure driven personality kind of guy. I find my perks in doing stuff that mostly everybody around me should deem as irresponsible. Fortunately, they do not, because I was blessed with people like me, who want to take control of their … continue reading

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Amphibious Motorcycle: Desirable in all the right ways

There is this company manufacturing all sorts of vehicles, called Gibbs. I like them, the last model that came up on our desks was the Quadski, a quad built for people wanting to feel an adventure in as many ways as possible. This time, they flipped the page a little bit, and it’s still a lot of moisture, still the … continue reading

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The Skarp Laser Razor: 21st Century Shaving

A Question Of Size Shaving has become essential. For the past all time history of humanity. Beard and moustache have been a part of a man’s style and appearance since he understood what a difference they can make. But in our society they ended up to play an essential role. For example, think of a man going at a job … continue reading

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Ferrari F12TDF

Class demands respect Ferrari, the brand known all around the globe for its high-class, powerful yet so stylish models. These cars represent the dream to many, as they are built on limited editions, something that makes them so hard to get, which results them being so special and desired. It is this sports model you need if you want to … continue reading

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Meeting Her Parents For The First Time? 7 Things Not To Say

Don’t be shy, her mother will love you. You’re a natural, and why not, her father will finally be at peace about what her precious little princess decided upon her future. You’re a great guy, and remember she put faith in you, just enough to let you meet her family, even if you are the bad guy, whom she usually … continue reading

7 Most Appealing Islands of Central America

Warm waters of Central America’s Carribbean side along with Islands on the Pacific side are more than beautiful and easy to access. Take a look at 7 most appealing Islands in Central America, choose one that  suits you best, go and visit it and believe me you won’t regret a penny you spent. 1. Ambergris Caye Island, Belize Dreamy and … continue reading

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