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  • Ikea Finally Brings Wireless Charging Furniture

Ikea Finally Brings Wireless Charging Furniture

It’s been around for a while, but not much attention was given to it, except for the specialty publications. Wireless charging is quite an amazing and comfort enhancer technology; no more wires means no more tangling and no more mess between the desk and the power socket. Ikea has recently unveiled a line of not so tech-looking bedside lamps, tables and charging plates that have been paired with Qi chargers onto the surface. It sounds great and feels the same, but how does … continue reading

  • The Analog Memory Desk Records Your Thoughts & Ideas

The Analog Memory Desk Records Your Thoughts & Ideas

Names, phone numbers, meetings, dates, ideas, things to buy, simple thoughts, things to do – throughout a day we have to memorize lots of things! Most of the things you need to have in mind today are small things, which you’ll surely forget tomorrow. The purpose of the Analog Memory Desk is to allow you to record all these small facts… Its creator, Kristen Camara, declares to be obsessed with the way people remember the past. … continue reading

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  • The Flexible Spyder Light

The Flexible Spyder Light

Do you need to lighten up a room but you can’t find place for la lamp?  Well, we have the answer that meets all demands: the Spyder Light by daas! The brainchild of an award winning duo consisting of Andrew Southwood-Jones and Alexander Kashi, daas is a design house where you’ll find creative solutions for almost everything. By using unusual materials they manage to deliver useful and original products. One of their creation is, as above stated the Spyder Light. Trying to answer the … continue reading

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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week


Since it is a new week, we have been sailing the interwebs searching for eye-catching stuff that is worthy of your time. Given it’s Monday, we have brought yet another list of 5 new released sneakers that look and feel awesome. Check them out and let us know what you think!

  • Huawei Watch Is A Stylish Android Wear Smartwatch

Huawei Watch Is A Stylish Android Wear Smartwatch

Honestly, there are so many things to start with when describing such a marvel that it is difficult to chose one to begin. Designed using size characteristics of the most known luxury watches, Huawei Smartwatch is able to fit any size and style you require throughout your day. On the outside, the full circle design case is covered by a sapphire glass with hydrophobic properties and which provides crystal clear view over the screen below. The only existing button is placed ergonomically halfway … continue reading

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  • Helix – The Coolest Folding Bike

Helix – The Coolest Folding Bike

Helix aims to change the way you look at compact bikes. And, believe us, it will achieve this goal! Folded it measures 23 X 25 inches and it’s only nine inches thick. Therefore, you can easily fit it into a suitcase. And it’s light too! It weighs only 21 pounds – that’s 10 pounds lighter than traditional folding bikes. Even so, the Helix bike is very sturdy. It ensures a worry free ride  due to its pass-through looking design with secondary locking. Also, … continue reading

  • Stream All Witheboard Notes With Equil Smartmarker

Stream All Witheboard Notes With Equil Smartmarker

A meeting room just doesn’t look right if there is no whiteboard present around. Usually, that is the key element for expressing ideas, sketches, graphs or any other kind of info that you need to work on and that also must be visible to the audience. Smartmarker is one of a kind device that allows you to actually record what you are writing on the whiteboard and then transfer it to a third-party element through specifically designed apps. From distance, you might actually … continue reading

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  • Wocket Smart Wallet Slims Down Your Pocket

Wocket Smart Wallet Slims Down Your Pocket

Having trouble administering your finances? Do you always forget where you left your cards? Are you worried about the security of your cards? Well, worry no more! Let us introduce you Wocket – the world’s  first smart wallet! What makes Wocket so special? It turns up to 10 thousand cards into one WocketCard… And you havent’t heard all: it uses biometric voice security to keep your information protected. How does it work? Nothing complicated, just swipe all your cards into the Wocket usigng … continue reading

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