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Barisieur Alarm Clock Wakes You To Coffee

It’s Monday morning, and you might have a really nasty hangover waiting to kick in as soon as you wake up. Fortunately, you can get a cup of coffee right when the alarm starts pounding against your eardrum. Industrial designer Josh Renouf developed Barisieur, an alarm clock that brews a cup of coffee right when you wake up, easing the … continue reading

BMW Vision Next 100 Car Concept

When it come to concept cars shown and various auto shows, we are most of the time welcomed with futuristic designs and maybe newer engine technologies. However, it is rare event to see an actual spaceship; a car that doesn’t fit into any category currently available. It’s the case of BMW 100 years celebration model, which comes with wheels molded … continue reading

The Pagalli Project Smart Wallet

The History Behind The Pagalli Project is here to present the real smart wallet. Vincente Pagalli was an Italian adventurer and entrepreneur. He had a genuine passion to define excellence in leather accessories field. Beautiful and functional were the words best describing his work. Now, the Pagalli Project wants, with the best materials at disposal, to create a wallet able … continue reading

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Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme: Offroad Beast

While it certainly didn’t attract as much attention as the New York Motor Show, there was another public display of automotive awesomeness in Bangkok. This is where Chevrolet defied any hill, swamp and forest road with Colorado Xtreme, a raided up version of the standard Colorado ZR2 sold in the US. Monstrous Body  The hardened look of the Colorado gives … continue reading


The Rook: Massive Armored Response Vehicle

Monday morning commute. Through a yawn, a sip of coffee and the words of the weatherman on the radio, you are trying to keep your car on the lane. It’s not like you can advance too fast in a traffic that’s flowing like molasses in January. Wouldn’t it be great to suddenly go full-on Transformers mode and plunge through all … continue reading

Lazareth E-Wazuma Quad

It’s A Best In His Category Ludovic Lazareth is a French born and based customized vehicles creator. His work ranges from cars, to motorcycles or even tricycles. His workshop can be found in Annecy-le-Vieux with his moto-madness featured in various productions such as movies. What he does is not just adjusting or adapting what the client already has, but conceptualizing … continue reading

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Harley Davidson Forty Eight Hooligan Tactics

A Bike Full Of Thrills Rough Crafts is is a handmade bike customization workshop from Taiwan. They were already featured on our website before with an amazing model and they are back. This time, with a Harley Davidson Forty Eight which they baptized “Hooligan Tactics”. Why so? That’s pretty easy to answer to: a picture is worth a thousand words, … continue reading

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Carbonfiber Dynamics: 700HP BMW M4R

Every petrolhead thinks about the BMW M-Series every single time rear wheel drive or drifting is added to discussion. And this is happening for good reason: the German automaker made a name for itself in terms of motorsport performance and general pumped-up road vehicles. You are probably ten times more likely to see an M5 drifting in a parking lot … continue reading

BMW K100 Impuls K101

A Bike With Personality The BMW K100 is a motorbike released in 1985, a real piece of history and a fresh remembrance of the good old times. The model is brought back in fashion by a collaboration between a duo consisting Philipp Wulk and Matthias Pittner aka Impuls and an artist, named Fabian Gatermann. It is codenamed Impuls K101, and … continue reading

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Bugatti Chiron PF 390 Timepiece

Timeless Timepieces We all love that moment when we see a collaboration between two luxury brands. Because the excellence from two different fields of expertise always leads to greatness. This time, Parmigiani Fleurier joins the Italian car manufacturer Bugatti to create a masterpiece of a watch, called Bugatti Chiron PF 390. This is the personification of style in one object. … continue reading

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