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Between $50.000 – $100.000 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

Mansory Black Marlin Luxury Jet Ski

Make Room For Big Waves Mansory is a luxury car modfication giant coming out from Brang, Germany. The company started in 1989, founded by Kourosh Mansory. Since then, they wrote history in many aspects of engine based vehicles which required customization in order to fulfill their owners’ ambitions and match their style. They also work on luxury SUV, custom bikes … continue reading

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HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

 Between Conformists And Non-Believers HYT is a Swiss brand creating luxury watches renowned for their adventurous craftsmanship, always looking to improve and innovate. Their work is the avant-garde of this new generation, and, while founded in 2012, they have already captured a lot of attention in the field. Now, they come with a special edition of their Skull release, named … continue reading

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Angelus U20 Ultra-Skeleton Tourbillon

A Masterpiece of Horology In 2015, Angelus released the U10 Tourbillon Lumiere, a watch that tried to inspire and innovate. This time around, the U20 provides a more classical approach to the overall design, made using sapphire, titanium and carbon designed in the most lightweight fashion possible, allowing the light to enter in between the watch’s components and reveal as … continue reading

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Aero3s T-Rex

Innovations Of The Bright Minds A special design for a car doesn’t always mean better performance or enhanced visuals. But when it comes to the T-Rex By Aero3s, I guess the situation is different. This vehicle is already street legal in the U.S. so the recognition their efforts is visible. They have a lot of innovative, bright ideas, some of … continue reading

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Kawasaki H2R Motorcycle

Madness is younger than ever Kawasaki launched the H2 model of street legal motorcycles in 2015, an objective and affirmative statement of power, a revitalization of the concept of having it. Kawasaki H2 is a “supercharged supersport” class of motorcycles, but not what we are here to talk about, because behind the streets, on the tracks, is where the true … continue reading

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Beolab 90 Speakers

Style meets quality Have a look at some pictures of it first: Well, you might not recognize the object at first, and that’s because you might have never seen something like this before. Yes, it’s a speaker, but to me it looks like that evil character from a very old video game Day Of The Tentacle, which is great, because … continue reading

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Porsche Cayman Black Edition Looks Mean

While back in May 2015 we were able to witness the introduction of the 911 Carrera and Boxster “Black Edition” versions, Porsche recently released a similar variant for the Cayman. Famous customization options for the inside and outside of the car are mixed together with the black on black colorway. Based on the non-S model, Cayman hides a 2.7 liter, … continue reading


Escape Traveler, Your Home in the Rear Mirror

The team from ESCAPE, creators of ESCAPE Classic, come forward with a new model inspired by what they say to be more than 20 years of crafting experience in the world of tiny houses. The model is called Traveler a house on wheels, aimed at you, perfect for destinations too far from home, yet so near to it. There is … continue reading

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2015 Volkswagen California Camper Van

Given that almost 60 years ago, caravans weren’t affordable by every John willing to go out fishing for a few days, when the first camper van was introduced by Wolksvagen, people saw the affordable, compact, mobile home that it was. However, lots of progress were done since: both in terms of technological advancements and design. Not long ago, VW unveiled … continue reading

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2015 Caterham Seven 620 R Is A Modern Piece Of History


When it comes to vintage machines, a steam locomotive or an WWI Airco DH 1 plane might not be too easy to acquire and maintain. Fortunately, car enthusiasts have an easier job in finding a classic piece of automotive engineering and restore it. This is why it is not something out of the ordinary to spot a reconditioned 1969 Chevrolet Camarro SS, resting in a garage or being driven to a local autoshow.

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