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2015 BMW M4 Convertible

Summer is almost here. Well, at least if you live where I live. For some chosen ones, summer is perpetual. Okay, so if it’s summer, that spells sunny beaches and hot chicks. How do you pick up chicks without working too much for it? There are a few strategies, but the best one is to have a hot ride, a convertible that looks like heaven on earth (on wheels). Now, if you like driving, well, maybe you’re a BMW head, because BMW still manufactures driver’s … continue reading

$73,425 Buy

The Mobile Escape Cabin

If you’re a nature lover and an environmentalist, now there’s an Escape for you. Really now, if you want to take a trip in the woods but you want to do it in style,  Escape provides you with all the necessary means for survival and then some : fun! Yeah, you got that now! Escape is “the” cabin in the woods (if you wish), but in a good sense of the word (s). Built from natural materials only, I can safely say that no plastics … continue reading

$79,000 Buy

The Barely Street Legal Lucra LC 470

If you need an almost street legal beauty of a super-car, look no further than Lucra Cars. These are those type of machines beautifully engineered for maximum fun, built with a fantastic weight distribution and featuring a high-tech chassis, light yet strong enough to endure any type of punishment. The cherry on top in these babies is the engine, actually you can choose between a few brands of V8 power-plants, produced by the heavy names in the industry, like Mercedes-AMG or General Motors-Corvette. Lucra cars … continue reading

$85,000 Buy

CXC Motion Pro II Simulator

The Motion Pro II Simulator from CXC Simulations (a specialist in creating simulators for professionals, now opening its doors wider to let in non-professionals as well,) is a one-of-a-kind racing simulator available to everyone who has $45,000 lying around and a veritable need for speed in their blood. Even if your childhood dream of becoming a famous NASCAR racer didn’t turn out quite the way you’ve envisioned it, there are always simulators to help ease the pain and bring back those feelings of lost glory. … continue reading

$45,000 Buy

De Antonio Mini Yacht

De Antonio Mini Yacht 19 600x230 De Antonio Mini Yacht

The De Antonio D23 Mini Yacht is the perfect little water toy; measuring 7 meters in length, it has enough space for a couple to have the maritime adventure of their life. It’s the perfect boat for people who would like to have an yacht but can’t actually afford a real one. This mini yacht is made of fiber glass and polyester, housing a hidden outboard motor, LED navigation lights and other cool stuff a modern yacht should have.

$78,200 Buy

Confederate Hellcat Combat

The Hellcat Combat is the World’s fastest Big Block American Twin with a record of 172.211mph set recently on the Salts of Bonneville by Confederate motorcycle collector James Hoegh, who piloted it effortlessly and described it as “Tough, lean, fast and true”, “on the cutting edge of performance”. Only 36 handcrafted examples of this machine are to be made, so if you have $72.000 lying around, you can have one of these 490 lbs babies commissioned just for you.

$72.000 Buy

Underground Parking Dock

Need some space in your backyard and have a few thousand dollars to spare? Then why not get this ultra-awesome underground parking dock? It will either remind you of Batman’s secret lair or make you make bad puns about NFS Underground. Either way, you win at life. Descend into your parking space humming theme songs from spy-movies. Protect your car from thieves and the elements. Have  a cool hiding place for when the zombies come. Not recommended if you’re claustrophobic.

$61.000 Buy

The Barbecue Dining Boat

11985 1000x1000 e1345139951682 600x509 The Barbecue Dining Boat

Celebrate the end-of-summer madness by doing something big – like buying a boat. But not any boat, oh no. If you really want to celebrate summer days gone by with one last barbecue, better make it great: try dining on the barbecue boat, complete with a built-in barbecue grill, umbrella, and trolling motor that provides waterborne cookouts for up to 10 people.

You get to cook your food, store your food, use your food as bait for fish – whatever. You’re on a barbecue boat, you get to do whatever you want because you’re that awesome.

$50,000 Buy
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