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Polaris Sportsman Ace ATV

I only put the pedal to the metal when I’m alone in my car, because I like to think I’m responsible. That’s also the case when I rent an ATV – if I ride alone, the mountains don’t have enough steep slopes for me to try. When I have someone else on it with me, I just cruise. So the point here is you only need a one seater to enjoy all the fun, and the Polaris Sportsman Ace is the perfect toy for that. … continue reading

$7,500 Buy

Dock It Like It’s Hot. Wall Of Sound iPhone Speaker

Beware of the beast, because Wall of Sound 2.0, the ultimate iPhone speaker was released on the market. If you are the audiophile type and you’re also an iPhone lover, just take a look at the Wall of Sound speakers, built especially for Apple products. This is actually the second generation of the WOS, now bigger, better, faster, more (Expensive, nota bene). To paraphrase a well known commercial, WOS 2.0 is not only the biggest iPhone speaker around, but it could be the biggest speaker … continue reading

$6900 Buy

Jetovator. The Flying Water-Powered Bike

Well, Jetovator sounds like a made-up name from kid’s cartoons. Hell no, it’s very real, and it’s coming to get you! If you’re into water sports, you will understand what’s all about : a cool accessory used to produce huge amounts of fun if you’re crazy enough to use such a devilry. All you need to become famous at the beach is a PWC(that’s a personal watercraft or a boat, as my grandfather used to say) and the Jetovator, and voila. You’ll be able to … continue reading

$6,975 Buy

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face

If you’re thinking about getting a couple of watches suitable for wearing in different situations and occasions and you also have a little over $6000 for spending, Hamilton has just what you need. You probably wouldn’t expect this, but I’m not talking about two different timepieces, but about the Jazzmaster Face to Face from Hamilton, a high quality timepiece that completes your outfit either if you’re going to an important event and need something elegant, but also when you feel like wearing a casual and … continue reading

$6,195 Buy

Custom Built 1975 Honda CB

If you love old-school motorcycles (like yours truly) and you have $7,000 to spend, you can opt out for a custom build 1975 Honda CB 550. This beautiful bike was “created” by Seaweed and Gravel, located in Southern California and built by Brady Young, (who previously worked for “Ugly Motorbikes”). But hey, this Honda is not an ugly bike, by all means! The inspiration for this bike’s design was spawned from an old motorcycle of Brady’s, which was made of spare parts in his weekends. … continue reading

$7,000 Buy

Fusion Tables Add Spunk To Your Home/Office

All business outside but throwing a raging party inside, the Fusion tables are exactly what the doctor ordered. And the lawyer. And everyone else, to be honest, because what upstanding individual wouldn’t want such a multipurpose item in their office – especially since the overall purpose is fun. The table’s modern design blends right in with any cutting-edge room, especially high-class office buildings where the employees crave – nay, deserve, a pool-break every once in a while. The designer’s main mission, however, was to “create … continue reading

$8,000 Buy

Get Mobile With The Moby Trailer

Travelling much just for the fun of it ? If you like exploring the great outdoors on your bike and you’re the nature loving type, forget about carrying a tent with you for a while and check out something really awesome for significantly improving your experience. The Moby1 C2 trailer is the answer to all of your prayers when it comes to space. This baby-trailer has a curb weight of 280-320 lbs, a length of 80 inches and comes in two width-versions: of 40 or … continue reading

$6,500 Buy

SylvanSport GO. The Multifunctional Trailer

We love camping — we love it so much, in fact, that we’d much rather do it comfortably in style and keep living on the road without the ulterior back pains and hassle that regular camping usually entails. A trailer is big and cumbersome, not to mention pretty difficult to upkeep, and a tent is, well, just a tent. We give you the hybrid between a trailer and a tent! The SylvanSport mobile adventure trailer and tent system. Fully loaded with 2 bed/table panels, 4 … continue reading

$8,495 Buy
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