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Between $5.000 – $10.000 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

4,500W Gold Devialet Phantom Wireless Speaker

4,500 Watts of Jewelry Speaker When it comes to wireless audio speakers, there is not much that can compete with French audio brand Devialet, both in terms of quality and price. Priced $600 above it’s silver counterpart, Devialet Phantom promises to provide a 4,500 W musical experience, all from the insides of a small round piece. Technically, Phantom is able to … continue reading

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Casio G-Shock MR-G “Hammer Tone”

Functionality Doubled By Charisma Being made by the Japanese, te G-Shock has already left a deep cultural footprint in and out, but mostly around eash horology enthusiast, for its resilience and impeccable display of quality, both in design and function. If you are a true watch lover, you have to appreciate the Casio G-Shock trademark. But if you’re a man … continue reading

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iXOOST Are Exhaust-Made Speakers

Enjoyment To A Whole New Level Taking the most out of the music you love takes a lot. Passion should do it, still, but technology, these days, has reached a point where music enjoyment has reached a whole new level. This is why the headphones, the players, the speakers we use get more diverse and all the manufacturers are racing … continue reading

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Star Wars R2D2 x Fridge Mashup

There have been countless marketing campaigns promoting Star Wars material such as toy lightsabers, furry Chewbaccas and even full Storm Trooper suits. Even the small R2D2 caught quite some spotlight with his cute electronic squeaking. However, it is probably the first time ever the tiny droid got mixed up with a household appliance. Turning him basically into a beer droid, … continue reading

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Ferrolic, The Liquid Clock

Quick facts check first: ferrofluid is a liquid that possesses the capability to become strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. It has been around for some years, but not until this presentation have I seen it put to such mesmerizing use. The creators call Ferrolic the place where digital meets nature. Ferrolic is a digital clock, which … continue reading

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Two brothers coming out from Big Sur, the sparsely populated area of the Central Coast of California represent what I like to call design by intuition. Together they formed SVEGLIO (translated as “I awaken” from Italian – a name chose in accordance with their initative to donate 10% of all their income to community-based events and classes that awaken the … continue reading

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Skyview Pinnacle Features An Apple Watch On The Strap

Nico Gerard is a luxury brand that continues family tradition of innovations, their timepieces are modern classics crafted in Switzerland. This is how the creators of Skyview Pinnacle present themselves, and the new concept coming out from them is inspired by the bright color of the summer sky, relaxing, giving you the calmness of the summit in the Alps – … continue reading

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Camp Champ, The Take Away Kitchen

Let’s make introductions: ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present to you, Camp Champ or some germans’ idea on how to improve the overall experience of tripping. We talk trips to the parents’ house, should that be very far away, in the forest or simply tripping in the backyard to grill a barbecue. It is like the classy and … continue reading

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B-9 NH Black Edition For A Classy Ride

BME Design’s unique carbon bicycle uses some fresh ideas and innovative concepts.  The frame and front fork display angular shapes and, together with the black mate finish are reminiscent of a stealth plane. The innovative design choices include a one piece carbon stem plus handlebar and a unique carbon saddle designed to be as light as possible and easy to … continue reading

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The Weighty Yet Refined Fern and Roby’s Turntable

While some might argue Fern&Roby’s turntable is a classic example of form over function, the design is definitely going to intrigue all. Made out of a slab of cast iron weighing 70 pounds, acting as the plinth, and using a heavy 35-pound bronze platter, the turntable, although crude looking, uses some surprisingly smart tech. For example, the platter is perfectly … continue reading

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