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Amazon Fire TV

The world’s largest online retailer,, has released the Amazon Fire TV, a popular streaming media device that occupies the first place on their best selling electronics. These devices have been on the market for a while now and the guys from Amazon have analysed their evolution and came to a conclusion about what works and what doesn’t. Their device is said to be the best out there and probably is, as this tiny device works like a charm due to its powerful hardware, a … continue reading

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Your Face On Custom Stamp

Here comes the perfect gadget that can be used to create the perfect gift : the custom single portrait stamp, or stamp yo face, if you’re the illiterate kind. If you’re the narcissistic type of person, you can surprise your loved ones with the coolest gift of all : you can print your face (or yo face, whatever) on a custom rubber stamp and instead of signing your letters/emails with your usual hand written signature, well…you get the general idea. To achieve that,  all you … continue reading

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Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

One suit for ways Way 1 600x375 Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

Suit up! Sometimes all you need is a cool new suit, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it. Starting off with the classic combination – crisp white shirt, tie, poket square and dress shoes. Three more looks after the jump!

Beep. Make All Your Speakers Wireless

The wait is over, because with Beep, you can sync your music all around the house, using your smartphone and an iOS or an Android app. It’s that easy. What, you didn’t get me, did you? What Beep? Well, say hi to the device which makes all your speakers wireless. How does it work, you asked? Well, all you have to do is to connect the gadget to your speakers/receivers/docks and after that, enter the password for your Wi-Fi via the smartphone app and voila, … continue reading

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Wham-o Arctic Force. The Snowball Blaster

Say hello to  Wham-o Arctic Force, the snowball blaster that  can transform this cold and awful winter into something fun! I wish these things were around when I was a kid… Back in the day, all we had were snowballs and energy. Now, everything got high tech, even a snowball fight requires a gadget and batteries to power it. Well, to be honest with you,  this blaster that looks like something from Star Wars is built for 8 year old kids and up, but I … continue reading

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A Mini Version Of You. 3D Printed Selfies

For the narcissists, is the best thing ever invented, since the secondary camera on smartphones. Artec Group took the “selfie” one step further, with this state of the art technology, that uses your Kinect to produce a perfect replica of yourself, a 3D selfie, sort of speak; YOU, the action-figure, made of plastic, courtesy of Shapify. Sounds pretty cool, huh? How does this work? Easy as pie. All you have to do is to download the app and connect Kinect sensor. After that, you can … continue reading

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Ellsworth & Clyde Hardwood Tie Bar

People nowadays seem to be eager to reinvent everything. Things that once upon a time, we took for granted. Like, let’s say, the tie bar. Really now, what can you change about a regular, old school tie bar? Well, Ellsworth & Clyde have another view about life and especially about how a  Tie Bar should be like, so they came up with this apparently new concept of tie bar, which differs from the regular mass-produced by huge industrial robots (or maybe millions of Chinese androids) ones. … continue reading

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Airtame: Wireless HDMI for Everyone

Airtame is the best gift for Christmas a geek could ever receive. I mean, really. This is maybe the most beautiful HDMI dongle in the whole wide world. And if you don’t know what HDMI is, stop reading now and take a look at the pretty pictures. For those of you who are grinning, keep reading! Well, the “new and improved” Airtame is actually a complete redesign of the old wireless HDMI dongle from the Danish company, combining sexy looks with open source and power … continue reading

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