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Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman

Alongside the now world renowned lighters, in the last few years Zippo has come out with various lines of products ranging from watches to writing instruments, while also improving its outdoor section with tools for the nature and camping fans. Today we’re featuring a more unusual version of the classic Swiss army knife, designed to improve your experience of setting a campsite, or just building a fire if ever needed. The 4-in-1 Woodsman is a multitool which encompasses an axe, … continue reading

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Watch Dogs. A Game Better Than GTA V?

From the creators of Assassins Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft released Watch Dogs, a game that takes place in a “real world” of Chicago where all devices are connected to the network called Central Operating System (ctOS), a supercomputer that controls almost all technology and information, including all data on every citizen. The game explores the impact of technology on our society, using the city as a weapon, you will start … continue reading

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Vans Winston

Happiness starts with your feet – if this isn’t an old saying, well, it should, because there’s so much truth in it. JD Sports was kind enough to send us a pair of Vans Winston for us to review. This lightweight and extremely comfortable trainers make the perfect summer shoes, and with its classic skate look, the Winston will give you a smarter look. With a canvas upper and featuring the classic Vans sole unit and branding on the tongue, … continue reading

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20 Stylish Sunglasses for Summer

20 sunglasses for Summer 2014 600x222 20 Stylish Sunglasses for Summer

It’s time to invest in the right pair of sunglasses! We have compiled the latest trends for 2014, offering you the highest quality and most exclusive sunglasses of the season. 20 pairs that are guaranteed not to disappear in the drawer, next season. You’ve got plenty of models and options here with prices ranging from $14 to $1,100.

The Lomo’Instant Camera

As soon as I saw the Kickstarter page for this camera, I immediately felt the urge to buy one for myself, all accessories included. The Lomo’Instant Camera is the next best thing after the Polaroid, something the almost-6000 backers will be able to confirm. With 7 times the original required sum already raised, we can only wait for the funding to be complete and the world’s most creative instant camera system to hit the shelves. Only to be taken off … continue reading

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Walnut & Maple MacBook Sleeve

If you’re lucky enough to own one of Apple’s Macbooks, well, let me present you with another “must have” item : a Maple Macbook Sleeve. The good news is that it works on Macbook Air, iPad Air, iPad mini and so on and so forth, and it’s available in 13 inch, but what the hell? For a measly $99, you’ll dress up your precious in a handcrafted wood/veneer sleeve, to quote from the website. If you’re the patriotic type, rest … continue reading

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LIX – The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World

An advanced enough technology seems like magic for the untrained eye. The same thing can be told in regard to LIX, an almost magic-like tool that enables its users to draw in the air, without using a regular pen or paper. Basically, what we’re dealing with here is a 3D printing pen, the smallest in the world, according to its creators. LIX is a tool aimed for professional use, coming handy for architects and designers in the first place. It allows … continue reading

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Poler Rolltop Backpack

If you’re either going for a hike, to school or just need a sturdy and cleverly designed backpack for holding your stuff, Poler has a pretty cool answer to your necessity through its Rolltop Backpack. This cool item seems to be your regular rolltop backpack, yet features a little bit more than just some space for keeping your things. It’s made from 1000D Campdura for its exterior and 420D nylon for the lining, thus being very sturdy and does a … continue reading

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