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Between $50 – $100 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

Charge Smartphones Free With Solar Paper

It is the start of an end we might say; and we are talking about fossil fuels. Although the change is not abrupt at all, we are witnessing the transition towards solar energy usage along with other types of alternative energy. Although there are only a few cars that actually run solely on electric power, gadgets are in the number of billions. Solar Paper aims to be the lightest and fastest solar charger there is. According to producers, it is so light, it … continue reading

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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

I got 99 problems but sneakers ain’t one of them, that is certain. As we definitely have mentioned before, you never have enough sneakers and by no means you have too many pairs of sneakers. With the encouraging big speech already done, let’s get started on the next five sneakers that caught our attention this week. Check the out below.

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

Prepare, get ready, and go! Check out the latest edition of 5 sneakers that caught our attention this week. It’s nothing new that we are rambling the internet for hours and hours searching for men stuff worth seeing and buying. Below are the five sneakers we think are worthy of the podium.

Tracer360 High-Tech Visibility Vest

When you’re running, biking or hiking, dealing with smartphone-distracted drivers is something you should consider first hand, before anything else. Moreover, if you are the kind of person that does night runs or commutes using a bike, remember that a safety vest and reflective shoes are only effective while in the path of car lights. Just get outside the beam angle and your reflectory equipment is suddenly not effective enough to provide the required level of safety you wish for. The Tracer360 Visbility … continue reading

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Sovrn Drfiter, The Ultimate Backpack

The guys at SOVRN Republic Brand released some months ago their latest model in the multiple use backpacks industry, called the drifter. It’s a travel bag. and the first thing that comes up when you have a first glance it’s the deisgn, something between raw and classic, it features high quality canvas using split leather motives on the front. Having a 30  litres capacity, measuring 18.5″ x 11.8″ x 6.7″ I have to give this to it, it looks awesome, I don’t think … continue reading

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5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

The heat is really getting out of control this summer, don’t you think? Let’s all take a relieving moment and enjoy some cool sneakers (pun may have been intended). Here’s the list of the five sneakers that caught our attention this week. Remember to check them out and let us know what you think!

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week

Ready to see another set of sneakers placed at the mercy of the internet? Since we’ve roamed the internet more than usual, in order to provide you with great content, we’ve come across a lot of new sneaker releases this week. Check out those 5 sneakers that caught our attention and let us know which one is your favourite.

Cool Shorts and Slip-Ons For A Successful Summer

Summer’s here, time to stay outside more than you do inside! That means you need comfortable and cool clothes as you’ll walk more, talk more and meet more people. We’re gathered some cool shorts and paired them with sneakers or slip-ons so you’ll be both comfortable and stylish.

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