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Between $25.000 – $50.000 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

Hublot All Leather Timepieces

We all have phones and laptops and tablets and all sorts of timekeeping technology, but that doesn’t mean a good watch has gone out of style. Not by any means. And the thing is, it’s much more practical to know the time just by looking at your wrist than fishing for your phone from a bag or pocket. Another thing is that if … continue reading


Russia’s Toughest Truck in the Universe

Welcome to Mother Russia Or let Mother Russia welcome everything there is in your sight to see. If your blood is craving for conquering of, well, basically, everything there is to conquer on the surface of Earth, you need SHERP ATV to help you in that endeavor. What we have to underline since paragraph no. 1 is the cost of … continue reading

Jeep 75th Anniversary Editions

Jeep hits one heck of a milestone this year: 75 years of existence. And they’ve decided to celebrate the anniversary like any proud automotive maker would do: special editions. Yes, you’ve heard that right: we aren’t talking about just one piece (as in case of the Land Rover Defender for example), but six of all-American off-road vehicles. So, we’ve got … continue reading


Limited Edition Devon “Star Wars” Watch

Force Friday Hype Force Friday has been a great moment for all Star Wars fans, making it possible to buy special things at even more special prices. But the real great news is the release of the limited edition Devon Star Wars inspired watch. Only 500 timepieces will be released and the inspiration for the model comes from, you guessed … continue reading

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Jeep Wrangler Action Camper

Insanely Awesome One thing I like about Jeep is their vehicles’ constant willingness to improve. When it comes to a model of theirs, there is always room for better. We call this great adaptability. Jeep was always great for riding the most dire conditions because it has the potential to mix it up, never looking under prepared. Thaler Design took … continue reading

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Phase One 100 MP Camera – Next Step Ahead

Play With The Best There Is Cool down, guys. Let’s take it step-by-step. What does a 100 MP camera mean ? Well, much more than what the name leaves for discovery. Because, when you admit such power actually exists, you surrender to the thought that this is the only thing that matters. Which is false. This 100 MP camera is … continue reading

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Ducati 1299 Panigale S Motorcycle

Beauty and the beast Ducati has always been one of my favourite motorbike manufacturers. Their models represent cornerstones in the industry of making people feel the pure adrenaline rush, no mix, no set up, only true feeling. They got a special place in my heart for two reasons, as I feel that their concepts make the beauty and the beast … continue reading

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Dom’Up Tree House Is Your Own Outdoor Home

The Dom’Up tree house is most likely the upgraded, pumped-up version of what we wished to have in our sweet childhood. A tree house where you can actually sleep in, read, listen to music or simply spend time with a loved one. Bruno de Grunne, dutch arboriculturist and architect Nicolas d’Ursel have spend time together and what came out is … continue reading

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Nixie Machine Clock by Frank Buchwald

You have most certainly heard about the expression oldies but goldies when it comes to good old music that you listen even today. The expression can easily work with Frank Buchwald’s creation, the Nixie Machine. This is an amazing sculptural clock, which features six glowing Nixie tubes from the 1960s. The clock is made of brushed brass and steel and … continue reading

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Ariel Nomad. The Mucky Brother of Atom

The philosophy behind Ariel Motor is pretty simple to explain: keep it lightweight, keep it simple and make sure it is fast and fun. This is how their first car came out – the Atom. The aim was to create a sports car ready to take on one of the most basic purposes: be fast on the road and receive … continue reading

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