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Between $250 – $500 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

Tech Guide: OnePlus X

The first lite from OnePlus OnePlus X has become official for some time now. It is, as every time, shipped with Oxygen OS, a custom made version of Android, which is still unknown to many, but the delivery process should be already underway. Previously known as OnePlus Mini, the X version is rightfully called a lite version of OnePlus 2, … continue reading

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Tech Guide: LG V10

In a big, big world The inaugural device for the brand new line coming from the Korean manufacturer is not a joke. It’s an answer. A statement that the time to end the competition’s reign as the only ones who dictate the flagship market of smartphones is here. It’s a smartphone trying to pave the line for a three-way to … continue reading

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Are You a Man Who Loves Coffee? Here’s the Ultimate Machine For You

If the answer is yes, stick around. If you don’t drink coffee that often, Bruvelo might just uncover the addict inside you. After lots of trial and error, Dustin Sell claims he finally managed to provide the ultimate coffee machine. Named Bruvelo, this smart coffee maker can be synchronized to your smartphone, getting the coffee ready right when your alarm … continue reading

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Prepare Yourself – Paxton Snorkle Jacket

Not sure where around the world you’re reading this from, but for us in the northern hemisphere, winter is among us. Having just survived a nasty storm, wanted to share some jackets I wish I had: Penfield Paxton Long Insulated Snorkle Jacket The jacket goes for $310 at EastDane And if you’re from a warmer country, maybe this jacket is … continue reading

10 Jackets For Winter

The winter season is quickly approaching and as these cold winds and harsh bouts of snow assault your hands and face, we know you’re going to be thinking about the necessary gear needed to keep you warm. We’ve offered up several winter clothing suggestions that do a great job of protecting you from the harsh cold. We have arrived at a … continue reading

I’m-Ready-For-Business Power Outfit


There’s nothing like waking up early for a day of business then throwing on a killer outfit. What you wear not only changes the way you’re perceived by others, but will give you the confidence you need to close the deal.

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week


Coming back to the original series of 5 sneakers that caught our attention this week, we deliver another set of footwear worthy to be delivered on the front page. As always, we would like to hear opinion over the choices and let us know if any of them will make it to your sneaker collection this season.

Get Back to Business in Style

We’ve come up with two wear to work outfits. Whether you’re more into business outfits or more relaxed, casual ones, we’ve got them covered.

Slow Jo 19 Watch Follows A Slow Time Path

It’s not easy to ignore the fact that time passes fast. If you’re a heavy sleeper and get out of bed later than 10 AM, the day is almost lost. Physically slowing down time is not (yet) possible, but doing certain experiments to handle how we perceive time can actually help. slow Jo 19 from slow watches tries a different … continue reading

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Robin Is The Smartest Smartphone Yet

Being built not as a smartphone killer but as a problem killer, Robin is the first smartphone built for the Cloud experience. There is no point in denying that no matter how high capacity modern smartphones are, at some point they will eventually run out of space, forcing you to delete data in order to make room for other. Robin … continue reading

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