Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

One suit for ways Way 1 600x375 Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

Suit up! Sometimes all you need is a cool new suit, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it. Starting off with the classic combination – crisp white shirt, tie, poket square and dress shoes. Three more looks after the jump!

Moment. The Awesome Lenses For Mobile Photography

If you’re the DSLR kind of person and you love taking high quality pictures while on the run, but you’re too lazy to carry around with you that uncomfortable lump of technology (the Nikon, I mean), well, the good news is that Moment is here for you. Moment, your best friend when it comes to taking cat pictures! With this awesome lens, you can transform your boring smartphone into something magic. Well, at least that’s what the guys behind Moment are saying (and keep in mind that … continue reading

$49 Buy

Plumen. Low Energy Designer Bulbs

If you’re the environmentalist type, you’ll surely enjoy this posting, because Plumen, that’s why! Plumen is a new company, the new kid on the block sort of thing, focused on providing the world with energy efficient lighting. Sounds almost Prometheic, don’t you think? Anyway, their approach is kind of cute, because their light bulbs look very interesting in terms of design, very different from your regular lighting device. Basically,Lumen is the new trend in lighting technology, continue reading

$30 Buy

The Lay-n-Go Traveler

Maybe you were fooled by the name, but no, Lay/N/GO Traveler it’s not what you were thinking about and yes, you have a dirty mind. What you’re actually reading about has nothing to do with dubious morality, it’s all about a weird gizmo, a multipurpose bag like creature. What it actually does is to provide you with storage space for your small items when travelling, i.e. your toothbrush, sunglasses, cosmetics, guns and ammo, you got the picture. What makes it different from the variety of … continue reading

$35 Buy

MaxStone. Control Your DSLR Via iPhone

Every now and then, I see people using their DSLR’s in the weirdest places but with MaxStone’s gadget, you will be able to add the cool factor into play. What this pebble like device is doing is letting you control your DSLR by remote using a tiny gadget and a dedicated app, which connects via Bluetooth to your smart cam. Oh, and of course, turning your iPhone into a wireless remote , allowing you to control the shutter with it, from distance. Cool, huh? It … continue reading

$35 Buy

Connect and Detect With Spotter

Spotter is a gadget that can be best described as your own, personal Big Brother, without the creepy part. What Spotter does is taking care of your home when you’re away, as simple as that. Using smart technology, this little gadget is capable of monitoring everything on your premises, like sound, light, motion, temperature, humidity, and everything on the tip of your fingers, from your mobile device. The possibilities offered by using this are basically endless. Because it uses your smartphone to monitor everything in … continue reading

$49.99 Buy

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful

If I may paraphrase something from one of my favorite movies, if you like women and money, just like I do, we should hang out, don’t you think? Well, we should hang out, grab a cup of coffee and take a closer look at one of the world’s most famous magazines, that kind of magazine that made my childhood beautiful and revealed the mystery of the tribe called girl. Obviously, I am referring to Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit edition. This is not your ordinary copy of … continue reading

$32 Buy

11 Cool Organizing Solutions for Your Office. Because It’s Monday

Organizing solutions for office 11 Cool Organizing Solutions for Your Office. Because Its Monday

My office is pretty neat and organized ..if I’m expecting visitors. But yea, mostly it’s pretty messy – and that’s the gadgets’ fault. There’s to many devices and tools I need in the reach of my arms on my desk. If you’re like me, you’ll surely enjoy this cool little list of solutions to keep your stuff well organized at your workplace.

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