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Between $25 – $50 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

Golchi Bottle

This bottle makes things easier In case you are into any kinds of sports activity and fitness, then you know how hard it can be to keep yourself hydrated during the summer months. The sun can be merciless these days and we all want to take as much cold beverages as it is possible, but to stay comfortable and at … continue reading

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Safego The Portable Travel Safe

Reliable Safe You Can Carry Around And not having to worry about getting back pain from the weight. Most of the time, the idea of a safe renders the picture of a thick-walled vault fit into the wall, hidden behind a painting. SAFEGO molds the concept into a wearable: a portable safebox for your belongings, locked by a sturdy mechanism. … continue reading

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The Keep Gamefolio System

Alright gamers, listen up: we’ve got a good one for you. Gone are the days of missing pieces, lost instruction books, and busted up boards. So throw away that rock that you’ve been using to replace the car token in your monopoly game and read on. From the brilliant minds at Keep Gear comes “The Gamefolio System”, a portable storage … continue reading

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Communicating Traveller T-Shirt. Iconspeak, Can You?

A Contribution To The World It’s not easy being a traveller, especially if you don’t get to do it that much often. You know, we are all busy people in a busy world. So any helping hand lent to make your life easier is welcomed. Today, it’s coming in a, maybe, unexpected form, a communicating traveller T-shirt. What is, more … continue reading

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Tmouse: World’s first deformable mouse

For all the people that like using the computer mouse and spend a lot of time with it, whether for work or for fun, it can be troublesome for your muscles and cause back pain. Using a mouse involves you in moving your body in the same way over a long period of time and using the same muscles over … continue reading

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KPHOB Knows If The Door Is Locked

The Smart Gadget Called KPHOB We’ve all been there at least once before. In the last couple of months. When you leave the front door at home or at office and, after walking less than one hundred yards, you start wondering if you locked the door(s) properly. This gives a status of high insecurity and stress, sometimes forcing us to … continue reading

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WRENCHit Modular Wrench Kit

The Amazing WRENCHit The guys from Mininch, come back after the successes they had with Tool Pen and Tool Pen mini, in order to close out and sort out their trilogy of awesome tools. Only this time, there is no pen involved, but a wrench, called WRENCHit. Specifically, it’s a modular wrench kit. A portable and multi-functional spanner, this is … continue reading

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Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle

You can’t add gold to every accessory and suddenly consider it valuable and good-looking. Aesthetically speaking, there is little that gold looks good on, and which hasn’t already been tried. However, once in a while, someone hits the jackpot and delivers a collectible piece, such as Gerber’s Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle knife. Small but imposing With a blade of just … continue reading

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The Stone Cup – Refine Your Drinking Experience

In the last fifty years or so we have gotten into a really bad habit of drinking all sorts of beverages from non-natural materials, like plastic. Often it is disposable plastic or paper cups and by using them we are damaging our environment and creating massive amounts of trash. It is bad for the planet and it is bad for … continue reading

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Titanium Pocket Tool

Don’t Mistake it Titanium Pocket Tool is the latest cool project we got the chance of seeing developing on Kickstarter. The two guys from Big Idea Design came up with the idea of having a great utility kit always in your pocket. With that, we mean that all the little things you never find when you need them will be … continue reading

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