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Get Your Own Sky Yacht

Travel Like A Lord Have you ever wondered if you could fly a yacht? Well, now you definitely can. It’s called Sky Yacht One and is one of the best things a money could afford. When you think of ways to upgrade your lifestyle to the maximum, this surely has to be one of them. Just imagine if you were “trapped” … continue reading

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Thought Your Life Was Awesome? Meet the Super Yacht

Have you ever imagined a perfect life ? Not the kind of one that never ends, that is not  perfection, that is simple boredom. I mean the life where you get to do what you want, what you like, what fits you. Your desires come on first, because you deserve it, who cares what others say ? You must be thinking where you can get such a life. I got the answer for you, it’s in the CRN’s J’ade yacht, a gem of watercraft brilliance and a superlative of classy living. It’s basically the grooming your soul needs.

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Cayman Islands Luxury House For Sale

The Price: $49 million. What you get: Palm Trees inside your living-room. Just being sarcastic, for the ‘regular’ people. As there are serious buyers out there and some probably browsing our site, here is the full info for this magnificent Caymen Islands luxurious house:

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