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Between $100.000 – $250.000 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

1952 Buick Super Riviera “Bombshell Betty”

More than a wheeled rocket Are you eager to slip your way onto the unmeasurable salt lands, topping out dial twisting top speed numbers? Most of the time, this is achieved by so called rockets on wheels. These jet engine based vehicles who only know how to do one thing: go forward and go fast. Even in this metallic muscle … continue reading

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Godzilla Reborn: 2017 Nissan GT-R Nismo

A pleasant approach on the R35 GT-R If there was one vehicle which was always on top of JDM preferences, it’s definitely the GT-R. Although the Skyline R32 was the original Godzilla, even the newer iterations are still worthy of the magnificent title. The latest iteration of the Nissan’s performance division NISMO fails to add more power (the same 3.8 … continue reading

3 Contemporary Watches For The Modern Man

There is no other all-fit accessory a man can wear like a watch. Sunglasses need to be taken off in darker environments, a ring or bracelet might not fit too well with the current outfit. But when it comes to a timekeeping piece, you can always wrap it around your left wrist and don’t have to worry about how it … continue reading

Riva Ferrari 32 Speedboat: A Classic Water Glider

It’s not unusual to see luxury automakers aiding or putting their fingerprint on side-products like perfumes or clothing lines. However, the 1990 Riva 32 speedboat takes influence to the next level. This iconic-looking watercraft resulted from the collaboration between Ferrari and shipyard Riva, the latter being famous for collaborating in the past with other automotive names: Lamborghini and McLaren. A rather … continue reading

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Toyota Tundra Diablo by DEVOLRO

Even as a standard issue, Toyota Tundra imposes an elevated standard of on-road and off-road performance accompanied by a bold appearance. Take one piece and allow it to pass through the mighty hands of truck specialists at DEVOLRO, and you get the Tundra Diablo, a black, mean looking four-wheel monster that is capable of reaching almost anywhere. Six hundred horses … continue reading

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840HP Pontiac Trans Am SE Bandit Edition

Taking modern Chevy Camaros and molding them into the shape of the iconic 70’s Trans Am. There is basically no other model able to revive the same feeling of style, toughness and push the same invitation to ride. As if the “screaming chicken” wasn’t badass enough, featuring in the Smokey & The Bandit movies made even cooler. There was plenty of … continue reading

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Mercedes-Benz Office Van by KLASSEN

Having a small, foldable laptop table and a battery pack may look for many as a mobile office. While there is no doubt it gets the job done while you are on the move, for the comfort looking businessman, KLASSEN Auto offers the ultimate office van. Based on a extra long 3.5 V-Class unit, KLASSEN Office Van adds together the … continue reading

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Honda RC213V-S Motorcycle

The new standard in excellence The new Honda RC213V-S, a street-legal MotoGP copy of the RC213V model used on tracks by the one and only Marc Marquez, the super champion, my definite favorite out there, was announced for 2016 at the Italy’s EICMA show last November. It is, evidently, or will be, so to speak, a limited edition bike, and … continue reading

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Overfinch 40th Anniversary Land Rover Defender

Specifically created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Rover company, praising its longevity and built quality, one of the long lasting models gets a brand new facelift. Specific detailing consists of signature painted front grille, contrasting bonnet and headlight ornaments coated in gloss black. Other style elements include color coded mirrors, led taillights and a set of 5 18″ … continue reading

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Full Metal Jacket Jeep

Beast Mode: ON You think it’s easy to turn a simple car to a respect imposing, angry, mean machine ? Ask your enemies, they should be the one to feel the wrath of it. Erhm, enemies, I mean, the roads you are about to hit. Got that ? Pun intended. Alright, bad jokes aside, take a look at this beautiful … continue reading

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