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2015 Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition

I bring  good news for all the Audi enthusiasts out there: the new Audi RS7 Dynamic Edition was officially announced! The “breaking news” was released before the New York Auto Show 2014 and it signals the availability of the German monster for the US market starting this summer. Yes, indeed, the RS7 Dynamic Edition is a monster of a car, the nec plus ultra of German engineering. And if there’s something  the Germans excel at, that’s cars folks! The new version of the RS7 brings … continue reading

$146,045. Buy

The Jaguar F-Type R

When I was a little boy, some time ago, a long time ago, Jaguar meant something. Basically, the Jaguar brand was the ultimate sports and luxury vehicle, if you don’t count Bentley and Aston Martin into play. But since then, Jaguar had a very troubled history and the company was sold to all types of dubious people, like American dudes (Ford, if I recall correctly owned Jaguar at some point) and now an Indian company, under the improbable name of Tata Motors owns the British … continue reading

$99,000 Buy

Full Metal Jacket Jeep Wrangler

If you have deep pockets and you’re a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece Full Metal Jacket, this Jeep Wrangler is the car for you. Trust me, I’m a cinephile and I love cars. Jeep Wrangler is already an iconic vehicle, it saw action in World War 2 and since, in all action movies imaginable. The Starwood Motors Full Metal Jacket Jeep Wrangler is an actual beast, coming from Dallas Texas and featuring a custom made suspension kit, Kevlar panels and it’s armored, being basically bullet proof. … continue reading

$107,000 Buy

Porsche 2014 911 Turbo S Cabriolet

All the Porsche and especially cabriolet aficionados should exult now, because the new 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo and Turbo S are available in convertible versions. The cloth-made top comes with a magnesium frame that will allow it to stow away in under 13 seconds and at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. The ultimate driver’s car will be available with brand new features, that were designed to enhance your thrill-levels sky high while pushing the car to its limits(or yours). The standard Porsche … continue reading

$160,000 Buy

C3H5N3O9 Experiment Watch

Just take a look at this watch and after that, try pronouncing its name. Yes, I gave up after a few tries, but the watch still looks fabulous, in a weird-crazy scientist way at least. This is the result of a brain-storming session between Urwerk and MB&F and their love child looks like… well, I really can’t say precisely. At first, I thought that this experiment in design is a homage to an old typewriter machine, after that I remembered Predator, the movie, and this … continue reading

$115,600 Buy

Urwerk EMC. The Mechanical Smart Watch

If you have so much money that you can wear a Ferrari around your wrist and don’t care too much about it, well, let me show you a beautiful time piece : say hello to Urwerk EMC, that kind of watch made for aficionados and Sheiks. The new masterpiece from Urwerk features an Electro Mechanical Control, which is basically a hybrid between a manual winding movement combined with an electronic rate monitor. This is the world’s first mechanical watch with AI, at least that’s the … continue reading

$116,000 Buy

Bowlus Road Chief, One Sexy Trailer

Hawley Bowlus manufactured its first riveted traveler trailer almost 80 years ago. Now, we have a designer, John Long by his name, who took the original idea and projected it well into the 21′st century. The Bowlus Road Chief is following the fabulous airplane-design of the original trailer and added some updated mechanics and a different interior, in order to catch up with the times. If you like retro designs but you’re expecting the best there is in the digital age, trust me, the Bowlus Road Chief … continue reading

$100,000 Buy

The Fortress – Safest, Coolest Luxury Safe In The World

The Fortress Safest Luxury Safe 1 600x400 The Fortress   Safest, Coolest Luxury Safe In The World

This is so cool, if I’d have one, I’d never ever keep any of my watches on my wrist or smoke any of my cigars. Like a golden era to modern times fortress mash-up, The Fortress is the best name Dottling could have found for this state of the art safe. Because keeping money in a safe is too mainstream, and you’re a rich hipster after all, this safe keeps your watches, cigars and jewellery away from .. well away from anything and anyone.

$128,800 Buy
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