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Between $10.000 – $25.000 best gifts ideas for men, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband or father. Get inspired and find the perfect gift for him from gadgets and gear to fashion.

‘67 Honda Super Sport 125 by Bandit9

Building something to look like it’s from the next era isn’t an easy task anymore. Just look at all the cutting edge technology we’ve embedded into our cars, homes and sometimes even ourselves (Google Glasses, that’s you). Shutting the door on conventional design, Bandit9 took a classic 1967 Honda Super Sport 125 and gave it an alien spaceship design. Nicknamed … continue reading

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Ural Motorcycle Joins The Dark Side

Ever seen a Star Wars Universe character riding a motorcycle? Apart from few storm troopers riding on speed bikes, no one dared to take on a classic two-wheeled machine. Here’s your chance to be braver than the rest of them Jedi knights and storm troopers: the Ural Dark Force motorcycle. Why get one? Because it’s about Star Wars, that’s why. … continue reading

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Rolex Snoopy Watch

Trickster Art A beautiful collaboration in limited edition. Maybe this is what the winter version of yourself needs this year. Rolex was chosen as the platform to develop it. We talk about the result of a Bamford Watch Department collab with pop art design house Rodnik Band, led by Philip Colbert himself. This Rolex Snoopy Watch is the piece your … continue reading

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3 New Gorgeous Models From Ducati

We come to you today with the fresh three new models from Ducati. They’re all amazing. Give them a look and fall in love, it’s exactly what we did here. They all rose above at the 2015 EICMA motorcycle expo, three beautiful additions to their already so unequaled collection of masterpieces. 1. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 The Scrambler is the entry … continue reading

BMW S1000XR Motorcycle

A concept close to perfection When I first got my eyes on the new BMW idea of a good ride, I found it intriguing how they decided to shape it, the idea behind the concept being that they probably wanted you to have a little more control over it. From what I can see that this model has become, they … continue reading

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Yamaha YZF-R1 Motorcycle

Can you feel the might embracing you? Yamaha is back. The YZF-R1 model is an open class sport bike, or superbike, motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company since 1998. Sometimes abbreviated simply as R1, this model is just a classic. Anybody who doesn’t want to recognize this is, and allow me to put it bluntly, off the track. It has … continue reading

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IWC Portuguese Hand-Wound 8 Days Watch

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese watch line, IWC introduced a model that withdraws style elements from its older sibling. What is there so special about the Hand-Wound 8 Days that made it worthy for the spotlight? Unlike other watches available at the moment, one could clearly consider the 8 Days a paradox you can fall in love with.

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Cocoon Tree Bed – The Luxury Getaway Tent

Once you get out for the first time in nature, you will never want to go back. Or, at least this is how it works in most cases. Designed as a modern outdoor retreat environment, Cocoon Tree Bed takes the classic tree house and redesigns it to a spherical tent that rests suspended above the ground. Twelve elongated rods fixate … continue reading

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Everbright. A Digital Lite-Bright For Adults

What most managers tend to forget about is the fact that, building a proper workspace should start from the concept of engaging and promoting interhuman connections. A great environment for workers to interact and feel comfortable not only increases the overall state of mind in the office lobby, but also enhances productivity on the long term. Solutions to improve workspaces … continue reading

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Marine Toys Wavekat P70

Some people are just too lazy to surf the waves. Or, they can’t quite master the technique of keeping their feet up on a slippery board. Still, there’s no need to be disappointedş Marine Toys & Tenders came around with an interesting solution. If a regula jet-ski seems a little less fun, go ahead and try out the Wavekat P70. … continue reading

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