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Bravur Ip Black Graphite Watch

Made in Switzerland (the good Germans), featuring a Ronda quartz mechanism with 5 jewels, gold plated and with a crystal dome sapphire, the Bravur IP Black with the graphite grey dial is one classy timepiece. The case width measures 41 mm and it’s manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Each watch comes with an unique serial number engraved on its back and the straps are made of Swedish/Italian leather. I must tell you, I love the minimalist design of the Bravur IP Black, its round … continue reading

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Finally! The Morphsuit Will Turn You Into an Invisible Man!

Being developed for the past 3 years in secret labs behind closed doors, The Invisible Morphsuit is here and ready to turn you into the invisible man! It combines advanced image protection and new age bending technology to give you total invisibility once you put it on! So yea, basically all of your dreams came true today, and even though it only costs  $1600, you were pretty much ready to pay anything for it, I know. Stop making plans you perv, it’s just an April … continue reading

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Scuderia Corsa Black IP

If you fancy  Scuderia Italia, well, let me show you a watch with a price tag of almost $1400. Basically, here’s the “Droid” you were looking for… The Black IP Scuderia features a black and green NATO strap and it’s intended for those of you who are passionate about racing. Being a Swiss made watch, it comes with a Ronda mechanism, a quartz unfortunately. For that kind of money, I would have expected an automatic, but maybe I am a picky bastard. The black and … continue reading

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Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

One suit for ways Way 1 600x375 Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

Suit up! Sometimes all you need is a cool new suit, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it. Starting off with the classic combination – crisp white shirt, tie, poket square and dress shoes. Three more looks after the jump!

The Life Tech Jacket By Kolon Sport

The guys from design studio Seymourpowell have “conceived” a jacket that really knows no rivals when speaking about extreme weather conditions. The Life Tech smart jacket was designed for Kolon Sport, an outdoor sportswear brand, and is going to be your best friend when you’re facing harsh times and Mother Nature decides to punch you with some nasty weather conditions. The Life Tech is the brainchild of several survival experts such as a Polar Explorer, ski guides and mountaineers. continue reading

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Northern Icon Strates Desk

The Northern Icon Strates Desk is the creation of Mathieu Lehanneur and it represents the emulation of the child by the adult. I bet I lost you here. Well, if you had a real childhood, i.e. you were playing with real life toys like LEGO instead of playing mindless videogames all day long, well, then you know what I mean. This desk is a LEGO game for your inner adult. It allows you to build your own stuff and let your imagination run wild, because it consists … continue reading

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Roof-Top Tent. On Your Car

The  Roof-Top Tent from Treeline Outdoors is the perfect solution for the urban dweller who doesn’t have or doesn’t want to have space for a camper or a tent/trailer/RV, yet it is addicted to comfort. As the name suggests, the Roof Top Tent is exactly what it says it is:  a very easy to carry around, take down and install tent, that uses your car as a foundation when deployed, or something(just take a look at the pictures, you will understand what I mean). This tent … continue reading

$1,350 Buy

Safari Tent

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors every once in a while and you also take your friends or family (or both) with you, you’re sure going to like what I have to show you. Forget all about your old, uncomfortable tents and sleep like a king in the Safari Tent, which offers you 120 square feet of space for sleeping and hanging around when the weather isn’t too friendly. If you were searching for one tent to rule them all, well, you’ll just love … continue reading

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