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Scratch-n-Sniff Mint Scented Denim

I don’t know about you guys, but I sometimes feel the need for buying all kinds of strange items that look and seem interesting enough to deserve my money even if I ask myself afterwards if it was a wise choice while scratching my head in confusion. Well, what does it matter anyway? If it makes me happy for a while, it doesn’t. One item from my list of peculiar things that I’d like to buy is a pair of jeans from Naked & Famous Denim … continue reading

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The Body Dryer

One of the most innovative devices that comes around this year is the Body Dryer, a system that does exactly what you probably suspect: it dries your body after you come out of the shower. With this, you can say your good-byes to the regular towels, as this baby is said to dry your marvelous body in less than 30 seconds. It’s also safe and bacteria free, unlike your bath towels, which normally gather and grow germs after being used for several times. I know … continue reading

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Greyhours Essential Watch

What Greyhours wanted to accomplish was a surprising watch that’s both classic and trendy, and won’t cost fortunes. And boy did they do it! Combining a cool, minimal yet practical design with exclusive materials that are commonly used for pricey, high-end timepieces, they seem to have found the perfect combination. The case has 40 mm diameter, and is a mix of stainless steel and Diamond Like Carbon (aka amorphous carbon). The matte black (or white) dial displays hours, minutes, seconds, day, date and is covered … continue reading

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Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

One suit for ways Way 1 600x375 Spring Fashion For Men: One Suit Four Ways

Suit up! Sometimes all you need is a cool new suit, and we’ll show you how to get the most out of it. Starting off with the classic combination – crisp white shirt, tie, poket square and dress shoes. Three more looks after the jump!

Adidas Originals ZX 500 Decon

As part of the latest Spring Collection by Adidas, the Adidas ZX 500 Decon does not fail to bring a freshness of style to anyone wearing them. From a casual day out jogging to a more serious brunch, these shoes fit right in. The black and white combination is totally in this season, the pattern making these shoes the centerpiece of any outfit. Made from a mesh/textile construct, they have no obvious branding apart from the Trefoil Adidas original mark on the tongue tag. Classy, sleek and … continue reading

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Fusion Portable Cooler Chair

Remember how troublesome carrying all that picnic gear to the beach or the random designated picnic space up on a cliff usually is? Not to mention the additional cooler box and folding table and all the other paraphernalia that comes along with a successful eat-out. Completely foldable and portable, this picnic chair can be easily flung on your muscular back as you trek through the wilderness towards your chosen dining area. Fill the cooler bag with your beverage of choice (some user reviews say it … continue reading

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Whistle. Your Best Friend’s Activity Monitor

We’re living in a dangerous world, some say, and we need to be supervised 24/7 by Big Bro, just to be kept  out of harm’s way. At least that’s what “they” say. Surveillance is everywhere, from your smart phone to your smart TV and if you don’t believe me, ask Mr. Snowden, you know, that silly dude that used to work for the CIA and the NSA. Now, even dogs are part of the high-tech surveillance grid, with a new gizmo called The Whistle; this … continue reading

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Ring: Shortcut & Control Everything

Here comes the Ring, the shortcut to everything, one ring to rule them all, one ring to play them all, one ring to bind them, one ring to support on Kickstarter if you’re into cool gadgets. Really now, this Ring gizmo is the best thing ever invented for the inner geek in all of us. Being basically a wearable high tech state of the art input device, the Ring allows you to control  your smart devices around the house using gestures and also to send SMS … continue reading

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