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Adidas Forum Mid Triple White

Wearing an all-white pair of sneakers, especially on this weather, might seem crazy for most of us. Still, there are those who aim for that perfect, clean footwear, who look to stand out among the grey urban settings. And what better way to do that than wearing the Triple White Forum Mids by Adidas Originals? After an entire year of releases celebrating the brand’s 30th birthday, the latest release from Adidas is the Forum basketball trainer. White midsole, white leather tonal upper and a … continue reading

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Gibi Will Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog Again

Pets are our friends, our family. Losing them would be a tragedy and we would only blame ourselves for not taking good care of them. Not anymore! With the Gibi Pet Location you will permanently know where your pet is. Gibi Technologies recently launched the Pet GPS Location Service, helping pet-parents protect their beloved companions. Gibi Pet Locator is a waterproof, sleek, fashionable … continue reading

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Control Your Entire Home Wirelessly With Smart Home Kit

It isn’t usually very comfortable to handle a bunch of devices in order to activate, deactivate, set, reset and calibrate the different devices in your home. Littlebits comes with an interesting solution, allowing one to control all household appliances using the internet. Inside the package there are a 14 modules including sensors, players, and the managing device, cloudBit. Also, there are 11 accessories to customize access to devices, such as … continue reading

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Nike Sportswear Escape Collection

It’s winter and you’re looking for a pair of nice and warm boots that can make you feel comfortable. If you still have the old boots in the closet, it’s time to change them with a pair of sneakers from Nike’s latest collection. Now, you have four different options that will meet your needs for sure: The Air Max 1 at the price of $120, the Air Max 90 … continue reading

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XOO Belt. Charge Your Phone On The Go

In the 21st century, the era of technology, we need gadgets and devices to make our lives easier. We tend to rely more and more on our smartphones and running out of battery when we are travelling or simply going out would be a tragedy. The guys at Nifty came with an innovative idea: why not carry a phone charger hidden inside your belt? This way you can always have it with you, without anyone noticing it and without having to desperately look … continue reading

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Peren Watches. Swiss Quality at Affordable Prices

Reliable and stylish, the timepieces from Peren, will impress you with their elegant look, clean design and great accuracy. Peren is the proof that high quality watches can come at an affordable price, thanks to their direct-to-customer approach which helps them reduce the costs for distributors, retailers, brokers or other commission driven sales people. The ‘direct on the wrist’ feature allows you to buy the watch on line, with a 2-year warranty. All Peren cases are designed in Switzerland and made of surgical … continue reading

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Shoot Fireballs From Your Open Palm With Pyro

Fire, one of mankind’s greatest creations, has always been a source of creation and destruction at the same time. Nobody can deny its power and the difficulty to control it! However, with PYRO – a device you can control this stubborn element and pretend you’re a superhero! What is PYRO? A neat “magic” device that allows you to shoot fireballs from your palm! Finally your childhood prayers have been answered, huh? (However, you must be aware … continue reading

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Add A Thermal Camera To Your Smartphone With Seek Thermal

If you’ve ever dreamt of seeing what is not easy to reach for the human eye, the unseen side of things, you’d be thrilled to find out that there’s nothing left uncovered by Seek, The Thermal Infrared camera. But don’t get too excited, you’ll only see a brighter side of things, which is the electromagnetic radiation that solid objects produce, a sort of light. Seek is a tiny attachment, measuring barely two inches across, that plugs directly into your mobile device’s charging port, … continue reading

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