Unfolding The Sexy Mind Of Florenta Popa

Florenta Popa 3 600x400 Unfolding The Sexy Mind Of Florenta Popa

There are so many myths and fantasies about Eastern European women, that it’s difficult to just look away when a gorgeous model like Florenta Popa crosses your way. She’s all natural, walked the runway in several lingerie shows such as the International Salon de Lingerie Paris and Victoria’s Secret show in Asia, and was blessed with breathtaking green eyes. Although the photos say she’s b-b-bad to the bones, her look makes us think of the sexy girl next door. And that’s how I felt while interviewing her. She laughs a lot, even when she’s giving some serious answers. She’s playful and adorable, but I’ll leave that for you to discover.

We’ve come up with some questions for the beautiful Romanian, curious to know some fun facts about herself and her lifestyle choices.

Time Is A Dimension

Photography is a medium that is famous for freezing time. The word snapshot suggests that a tiny slice of time is recorded for posterity. But we do know that time is also a dimension, like length, breadth and width. In fact, physicists have a model called space-time: suggesting that time is part of a continuum with the 3 dimensions that we are familiar with. A photographic print is flat, and essentially is made of 2 dimensions: length and width. Yet through composition and lens focus we give … continue reading

Sigmo, The Voice Translating Device

If you’re into travelling all around the world or you get in touch with foreigners from time to time (business meetings, for example), I have the perfect tool for offering you a big-time help when communicating with each other, in case you don’t speak a common language. SIGMO is its name, translating between 25 languages is its game! At first glance, this little fellow will seem no more than some sort of a square-shaped toy, but boy, it stands pretty far from being just that! SIGMO … continue reading

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Casio Metal Twisted G-SHOCK

If you’re the type of guy that enjoys living an active life and prefers going on a hike rather than sitting in front of the TV or playing video games all day long, you’re probably wearing a rugged wristwatch too. Casio is a heavy name when it comes to these gadgets and they’ve just released a nice piece of work that stands pretty far from resembling the tough guys from the G-Shock family. Gentlemen and… gentlemen, I’m proud to present you an exquisite and unique … continue reading

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The Nubé Hammock Shelter by Sierra Madre Research

Nobody can be told what the The Nubé Hammock Shelter really is, you have to see it for yourself. Well, the Nubé was developed as the perfect home away from home, the triumph of imagination over mainstream culture, whatever you want to call it. If you take a look at the pictures, you can see the genius behind a simple idea: the Nubé is basically a tent built around a hammock. The end result is the perfect thing for you to carry around when traveling, … continue reading

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Bowlus Road Chief, One Sexy Trailer

Hawley Bowlus manufactured its first riveted traveler trailer almost 80 years ago. Now, we have a designer, John Long by his name, who took the original idea and projected it well into the 21′st century. The Bowlus Road Chief is following the fabulous airplane-design of the original trailer and added some updated mechanics and a different interior, in order to catch up with the times. If you like retro designs but you’re expecting the best there is in the digital age, trust me, the Bowlus Road Chief … continue reading

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Fliike, The Like Counter

Give the internet a tangibility like no-one before by setting up your own Likes counter in the window of your shop. Be proud of how many people thumbed-up your business and show it off to the world using a flip-clock. Specially designed for businesses, public places or marketing departments, Fliike lets you display your digital community wherever you might see fit, and convince customers that you’re a big shot on the interwebs. It’s super easy to install — all you gotta do is plug it … continue reading

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2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000

If you’re into extreme sports, boy, do I have the perfect toy for you: 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000, the king of the Sport-UTV segment from the Minnesota based manufacturer. This baby plays in a league of its own, being the most powerful fun-making machine available on the market, with its awesome ProStar 1000 engine capable of delivering 107 bhp. Just get one of these babies and you will go to sleep with a big grin on your face, every day.Guaranteed! One of the coolest … continue reading

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