eCool. Your Very Own Earth Cooled Beer Device

If you’re my kind of person and like to think about the health of our Mother Earth from time to time, the following product might just bring a smile on your face due to its purpose and method of gaining it. Especially if you’re a beer fan. I’m talking about the earth cooler from eCool, a clever product meant to take care of your beers and keep them nice and cool for allowing you to enjoy them at their best. And it does … continue reading

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New Balance 530 Encap Summer 2014

New Balance just released their first in-depth photos of the 530 Summer Collection. If you were not yet a fan of New Balance you should know the first pair of 530 was released in 1992. Following the unexpected success of the brand these sneakers’ retro running design are making a comeback this summer in two OG colors. These two new pairs of sneakers  are part of the 90’s Running collection, along with several New Balance 850 models. They are available in a mixture of mesh, … continue reading

Marbel. The Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World

If skateboarding is your thing, I’m guessing that you’ll be quite interested to know a thing or two about the world’s lightest electronic skateboard, a cool piece of work that goes by the name of Marbel. This fellow will see the light of day soon, thanks to the support It received on kickstarter, and promises to bring you a wonderful and unique experience. The Marbel Boards are aimed to fixing the portability issue and also bring some other useful features on board, but … continue reading

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The Benefits Of Going To A Barber: Grooming Tips For Gentlemen

ediscovering the barbershop should be among the first items on your to-do list this season. There is no greater experience than having another guy lather your face and shave your beard, then oil you up with fancy pomades. Trust us on this one, you’ll feel both pampered and empowered, all while becoming your most dapper self. After one barbershop experience, you’ll be eager to have your hair and beard grow back fast so you can make another appointment in man heaven. One of … continue reading

Slap. The Versatile, Creative Furniture

Tired of your old furniture? For those of you who plan on getting some fresh additions inside the house, I’ve just stumbled upon some very interesting and cleverly designed pieces of furniture that might draw your attention. Nicola Conti, an Italian interior designer, has created the Slap Furniture series, a collection of furnishings that distinguish themselves from everything else you’ve probably seen. Well, the image might be a little familiar, as these pieces of work feature something which is no stranger for most … continue reading

Ecoterra. The Waterproof, Floating Speaker

Ecoterra is the ultimate survival gear for your gadgets and I’m not kidding. With this baby, you can go explore the Amazon jungle or sail the Atlantic ocean in style and without fearing for your precious mobile devices. It looks like a boom-box from the eighties, but it’s much, much more than that. The orange/black, impact resistant (Even bear-proof according to its makers) gizmo is also waterproof and it offers great sound thanks to its powerful amplifier and the two stereo speakers, with crisp … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #63


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Meet Naressa Valdez

We stumbled upon this self-proclaimed Pizza-Eatin Mermaid on instagram and couldn’t take our eyes off her. Naressa Valdez is a model of Italian and African descent, probably the perfect combination of the two, and here’s another pro reason for globalisation. Here’s Naressa shot by Michael Bentar and Orin Fleurimont. You can follow her on twitter and instagram.