Getting Lucky With Gisele Bündchen & Daft Punk

Always a treat, the highest paid supermodel and still the best supermodel nowadays in our humble opinion, Gisele Bundchen joined the band of the year a.k.a. Wall Street Journal’s Entertainment Innovator of the year – Daft Punk. And when you add photographer Terry Richardson to the mix, you know we’ve got something pretty special. Did we mention how much we love Gisele? Anyway, here’s this week’s hottest photoshoot in the media. And just a friendly reminder/recommendation before the cool photos … continue reading

Safari Tent

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors every once in a while and you also take your friends or family (or both) with you, you’re sure going to like what I have to show you. Forget all about your old, uncomfortable tents and sleep like a king in the Safari Tent, which offers you 120 square feet of space for sleeping and hanging around when the weather isn’t too friendly. If you were searching for one tent to rule them … continue reading

$1,999 Buy

Innovative Grass Printer

If you’re thinking about how boring your lawn looks, don’t buy silly looking dwarfs and stuff like that to animate it. What if you had a Grass Printer ? Mowing your lawn will be more fun when it’s being made by this innovative self powered lawnmower. Why ? Because it is able to make all kinds of drawings on your lawn, this way giving the impressions that you’ve been recently visited by aliens or something like that. Using this nice … continue reading

Ferrari Powered Wazuma V8F Matt. What A Beast!

The legitimate question is “what the Hell is a Wazuma”? Well, to be blunt, the WAZUMA V8F MATT EDITION is the beast with two backs, half car, half motorcycle, half Godzilla. It’s Bat-Man’s nightmare. Or, you can say it’s the best of two worlds: a 250 bhp and 650 kg melange of German, Japanese and Italian engineering. The alpha and omega, with a twist of Delta. The ultimate boy-toy. I know, it doesn’t make sense, you think I’m blabbering. And the … continue reading

$250,000 Buy

Kerbisher & Malt Fish And Chips Shop

A visit to London is never complete until you try the famously traditional fish and chips combo from Kerbisher & Malt, one of the best fish and chips shops around. If When you go there, make sure you order a side of Chippy sauce as well, the delicious vinegar-based sauce that was literally made for fish and chips. The entire place is designed to appeal to your minimal tastes and love for fresh and open spaces, with chairs that read … continue reading

11 Unconventional Wine Glasses

11 wine glasses 11 Unconventional Wine Glasses

Despite the fact that there are many forms of classical glasses taken as the standard, designers were not impressed and decided to add novelty to wine tasting. We had a look into the beautiful but small world of wine glasses, and we selected 11 best and most unconventional of them.

The Thunderstorm Cloud Lamp

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love thunderstorms. They’re epic and I’ve always considered them one of the most beautiful, but also a bit creepy things offered to us by nature. If you’re thinking about the same thing, then you’ll surely love the following device, I’m talking about the Cloud Lamp. Yeap, it’s a cloud shaped lamp, as you’ve probably suspected, but that’s not the only thing that makes it special. This baby lights up as if a … continue reading

$960 Buy

Reinventing A Classic – The Spiran Bike

If you’re the type of person who prefers getting around by bike instead of using a car, here’s something that might be of interest to you. The guys from People People (a design agency from Sweden) have recently brought back to life an old design seen on the Swedish postal bikes through their simple, but great looking Spiran (Scepter) bike. This slim looking fellow comes as an alternative for the older Kronan (Crown) bike, which is inspired by the classic military … continue reading