D2 Pilot Watch. Cockpit On Your Wrist

Designed to be as sophisticated in style as it is in function, the D2™ pilot watch is an amazing little gadget able to help you in-flight as well as on the ground. Heck, even if you’re not a pilot, you’ll probably want to take up classes just to be able to use this baby at its fullest. If anything were to motivate us to become pilots, well, this is one of those things. (This and the cool jackets and gloves.) Among its features it … continue reading

$449 Buy

Rapsody Yachts – The R32

Designed for easy access and ease of use, the Rapsody R32 is a vision made out of stainless steel, chrome, mahogany and teak, able to fulfill your wildest yacht expectations. From the smooth hull to the powerful engine at the heart of this open cockpit beast, the R32 is built for speed and class. Nobody will ever call you a loser with a turbo diesel engine standing between you and the waves. All the materials are of the highest quality, … continue reading

Friday Inspiration #33

inspiration 33 Friday Inspiration #33

Here we are – yet another Friday together, the thirty-third anniversary of adventure-filled weekends and steamy after-mornings over bacon and eggs and the fine curves seen underneath your shirt, hanging slightly open on the beautiful lady you picked up the night before. The view is breathtaking, as you look out the window and notice her house overlooks the forest. Your motorcycle is parked outside next to hers, and you realize how lucky you are to have earned that motorbike licence in the first place. What would have happened had you not seen the awesome pictures of guys on bikes on that HisPotion page, right? Right. You’re welcome.

Daft Punk Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set Edition

If you’re not into electronic music, Daft Punk, the French electronic music group, probably isn’t anything of a great interest to you, but if you usually listen to house and you’re also enjoying their work, you might be interested in the special edition of their latest album, Random Access Memories. The duo is unique, known for their remarkable shows and for the fact that they use disguises for resembling with robots during performances or in public. With these being said, … continue reading

$275 Buy

The Magnetic Shelf

Where do you put your keys after you return home ? I suppose that you don’t leave them inside your door, especially if you don’t live alone. I leave them on a table, near the door, but I’m thinking about buying something cool for keeping them safe until I need them again. The Magnetic key ring holder & shelf is the perfect solution, being a simple looking shelf that only needs a small space on your wall. So, what’s so … continue reading

$42 Buy

The Barely Street Legal Lucra LC 470

If you need an almost street legal beauty of a super-car, look no further than Lucra Cars. These are those type of machines beautifully engineered for maximum fun, built with a fantastic weight distribution and featuring a high-tech chassis, light yet strong enough to endure any type of punishment. The cherry on top in these babies is the engine, actually you can choose between a few brands of V8 power-plants, produced by the heavy names in the industry, like Mercedes-AMG … continue reading

$85,000 Buy

Seil Bag

The Seil Bag is the perfect protection gear for bikers everywhere – designed to show left and right signals, alongside other signs like the cruise signal, the stop signal and emergency signal directly on the backpack, so that you’ll be visible in traffic. No more waving your arm, risking losing your balance and falling in front of a car – you can now wirelessly control the signs displayed on the back of your pack, so to speak, letting other participants … continue reading

$149 Buy

Guns, Sex and Mistakes. Natalia Siwiec Confidential

Natalia Siwiec 9 600x388 Guns, Sex and Mistakes. Natalia Siwiec Confidential

Natalia Siwiec is Polish – you know, from that country with the most beautiful and hot girls in the world, at least that’s what Nath thinks. Oh yea, that’s what she likes to be called – Nath. Short and simple, but it just goes straight through you – you can tell she’s a shooting range regular. She doesn’t like to brag too much about anything, and shoots straight to the bullz eye, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get what she’s feeling or what she’s saying. Oh no, Nath will touch just the right spots in a way that’ll make you flinch.