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Beard Styles In 2015

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Top 10 Hyper Cars You Haven’t Heard About

Logitech MX Master Review: The New Best Wireless Mouse!

“Built for the masters of their craft” is what Logitech has to say about the newly released MX Master Wireless Mouse. With a manually crafted design, multiple functions and a long-lasting battery, the MX Master can deliver the power, mobility and sensitivity for extended office use in different computing conditions. The mold used for developing the mouse is based on … continue reading

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Carlock Is The Cloud Security System For Your Car

Worried that your car isn’t safe enough in the neighborhood you live in, or that a standard alarm won’t be enough? Carlock provides a great solution to this concerning issues, by providing a vehicle security system which will exponentially increase the safety of your car in case of break-in, theft. It will even help you find it in a crowded … continue reading

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Revitalize Your Summer Style with 2015’s Sunglasses

The cool, popular and stylish sunglasses for men 2015

There comes a moment every year when something is missing, even though the nature revives and birds are chirping. That’s right! The sun grows stronger and stronger and you have to squint your eyes in order to see anything. This is the right moment to search for your last season’s sunglasses or choose to buy new ones. Well, for both cases, here are some tips for the right choice involving the cool sunglasses for 2015.

Do More With The Philips Two-in-One Monitor

If you’re looking to increase your productivity a work, we have something for you! The award-winning Philips P-line Two-in-One LCD Monitor is what you need! Research has found that having dual monitors increase productivity and reduce errors! In other words, such a monitor will help you multitask better, compare information or documents faster, and much more! The Two-in-One LCD Monitor … continue reading

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Kicking The Smoking Habit By Using A Vaporizer

Those looking to kick their smoking habit have a huge journey ahead of them. The process of quitting tobacco can be very difficult. While there are numerous nicotine aides out there to soften the transition, many smokers find them ineffective. Luckily, there are other alternatives. One of the most effectives ways of quitting is by using a vaporizer. Vaporizers provide smokers with a similar … continue reading

Ten Best Dressed Male Sports Figures to Emulate

Check out Best Clothing Brands for The Money by HisPotion at Mode Many athletes who reach the heights of their respective sport become more than just a player; they become public sports figures who people love to watch, follow, and even interact with on social media. Sports figures that reach this level of notoriety create a public image for themselves … continue reading

5 Sneakers That Caught Our Attention This Week


Welcome to our weekly selection of sneakers that really stood out from the crowd of new releases this week. With the summer getting closer and closer, new design styles and updates of classic sillhouetes are getting taken out to the shelves. We took our shot and selected the top 5 pairs that caught our attention this week. Check them out below and tell us which one you like the most.

Tzoa Is A Wearable Air Quality Sensor

In a world suffocated by air pollution it’s pretty important to know your environment. Just imagine how would your life change if you knew how your environment is affecting you! Thus, an Enviro-Tracker becomes pretty useful in improving the quality of your life. TZOA (pronounced “zoa”) is the most advanced Enviro-Tracker. It uses special internal sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air quality, atmospheric pressure, UV exposure … continue reading

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Friday Inspiration #105


This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely and don’t waste your days of rest on resting!

Poppy Pour-Over Is A Beautiful, iPhone Controlled Coffee Machine

Since we want our coffee done as quickly and tasty as possible, we done expect little work with great results. Might not sound as a possible scenario, but Poppy Pour-Over machine seems to do just that. This little robot created by Quirky doesn’t only prepare a great cup of coffee for you. It allows you to customize your coffee.. from … continue reading

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