The Otor Bike By Oto Cycles

This weird looking gizmo on wheels is actually a motorbike, can you believe that? Even if it resembles one of Salvador Dali’s nightmares, the Otor Bike is actually as real as your next door Chinese neighbor. Living on the thin border line between a bicycle and a motorcycle, the Otor Bike is the creation of Oto Cycles , a Spanish company based in Barcelona, specialized in creating vintage looking bikes powered by high tech electrical engines. I hope you realize … continue reading


Impressive Sand Drawings By Andres Amador

Andres Amador is a San Francisco-area based landscape artist. His works are pretty unique – he creates amazing sand paintings on beaches – huge sand paintings that is. His only tool is a rake and sometimes the collaboration of volunteers. “My dream is to do my artwork in locations around the world and to bring more people into the creative act with me,” says the artist. You can check out more of his work … continue reading

Sony’s 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

If you think you’ve seen it all, wait until you check this gizmo out, with the improbable name  of Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector.  This state of the art multimedia monster was announced last month by the Japanese tech giant and it promises to change your life forever. With the Sony 4K Ultra, you can say goodbye to expensive plasma TV’s or LCD’s, because now each and every wall inside (or outside) of your house can be transformed into a … continue reading


Wham-o Arctic Force. The Snowball Blaster

Say hello to  Wham-o Arctic Force, the snowball blaster that  can transform this cold and awful winter into something fun! I wish these things were around when I was a kid… Back in the day, all we had were snowballs and energy. Now, everything got high tech, even a snowball fight requires a gadget and batteries to power it. Well, to be honest with you,  this blaster that looks like something from Star Wars is built for 8 year old … continue reading

$70 Buy

Friday Inspiration #44

Friday inspiration 44 Friday Inspiration #44

This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you to greatness. You have a full weekend ahead, so use it wisely – don’t waste your days of rest on resting! You don’t need to do big things. In fact, let’s talk about the little things. There are lots of situations in which a small change has a surprisingly large impact. So if you have a plan you can’t follow (gain/lose weight, build muscle, become rich etc.), just take a very small step towards that and keep repeating it. For example, if you are trying to exercise more and take the bus to work, you might decide to simply get off one stop earlier than usual and walk the rest of the way. That’s peanuts, right? So remember this: small changes, large effect.

Survive The Winter Months

survive Winter 600x399 Survive The Winter Months

Real men not only survive the winter months, they own them and make them work in their favor. Be it an extra cold day, a light snow drizzle or a full-blown snowstorm complete with howling wind and falling chunks of ice, you have to be prepared to face it full-on. Like the man we know you are.

Keecker. Change Your Home With A Robotic Butler

If you like movies, you must have seen The Remains of the Day, the essential butler movie, starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, among other folks. Speaking about butlers, say hello to the new-age butler, with the improbable name Keecker. It sounds like a gang-banger, but Keecker is actually a nice guy.  Basically, what we’re dealing with here is an Android based moving projector. A robot that will follow you around the house, bringing home entertainment to a whole new … continue reading

$4,000 Buy

Fiat 500 Refrigerator by Smeg

If you think you’ve seen them all, well, think again, because you’re pretty far from it. Just take a look at this funny looking Smeg refrigerator. Okay, and what about that weird design, resembling a cheap italian car from the 50’s ? Well, that’s the whole idea. If you’re into Italian cheap cars, why don’t you buy a refrigerator that looks like a vintage Fiat 500? At least that’s the concept. So, welcome Smeg, the little refrigerator that could. Have … continue reading