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How To Keep Things Interesting In Bed

This piece is meant to show you how you can keep things a bit on the wild side in the bedroom… no, we’re not going to talk about fetishes, we’ll save that for another day… These are some general tips on how you can keep things fun with that special lady in your life and make her want you without showing her the full wallet on salary day. Here are our suggestions: 1. Buy her lingerie. This will earn you a lot of valuable points … continue reading

Get Creative: Bedroom Games

We’ve gathered a few of the most interesting erotic bedroom games that we could find, for your viewing – and trying – pleasure. Because we all know routine sometimes intervenes in your otherwise rock-star-ish sex lives; and in order to keep things sizzling, new and exciting, one must break from the routine and try something a little more on the kinky side of the mattress. So go ahead and make your partner’s day (or night)! The minute game Together, write down different sexual activities you … continue reading

3 Simple Ways To Last Longer In Bed

If you’ve ever been in the horribly embarrassing situation also known as premature ejaculation, then read on. Whatever the reasons for your ‘issue’ might have been – you were too excited, this was your first sexual experience, you haven’t had sex for a long time, you were picturing Mila Kunis in a jacuzzi, the reasons can be endless – the first thing you have to do is speak up. If you just shut down and sulk at your partner, she’ll most probably get even angrier. … continue reading

Does Size Matter ?

Yeap, we’re talking about bananas today, your banana that is. We did our homework and asked women if size matters. From 18 years old babes that just discovered joysticks to cougars that had a whole plantation of this lovely fruit throughout their long lovemaking lives. The answers varied based on past experiences, their body types and many other factors. But of course you’re here to see what the majority of women think.