3 Tips to Start Climb Mountains

3 Tips to Start Climb Mountains Has it always been your dream to climb mountains? To battle nature itself and push your limits to reach the top of the hill. To get that picture of you standing above the world, staring down with pride in your heart and that super queasy feeling in your gut because you’re afraid to fall. … continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Own A Punching Bag

Let’s be honest here, guys – you’ve all seen at least one boxing-themed movie. And as a result, you’ve all thought about owning a punching bag. We get it, they can be space consuming. And heavy. And…limited? You just punch, right? Swing and a miss. The punching bag is a fantastic addition to any workout, boasting fantastic cardiovascular, muscular and psychological … continue reading

Amazing Euro 2016 Team Posters by Florian Nicolle

More Than Just Teams: Euro 2016 I’ve known my way around a soccer ball since I was about 7 years old; even played for the local club. However, I never thought I’d perform in the field up to the level of star players of the time: Zidane, Materazzi, Ronaldo (the brazilian), Figo, and so on. And guess what? I didn’t. … continue reading

Ephemeral Tattoo Ink Lasts For A Year

Body painting is probably one of the best forms of expression when it comes to a person. There are various reasons to get a tattoo; but what if you change your mind, out of the sudden? Ephemeral Tattoo Ink offers just the solution, in something more than just a temporary tattoo. If after a while, you feel bad for getting … continue reading

3 Apps To Help You Workout

In today’s world, there’s an app for everything. The fitness industry is no exception. In fact, you’ll get a sweat on from counting how many fitness apps there are to choose from. Luckily, I’m an avid user of a few very helpful apps that accompany my workout, so, before you put on your trainers, allow me to introduce you to … continue reading

How To Have Your Best Sleep Yet

When it comes to your sleep you might think that getting your 8 hours is enough, but quality matters. Indulging in a high quality sleep greatly affects how you feel the following day, so if you want to be on your game as soon as you wake up, you best get a good forty winks. Bedtime routine Routine is one of … continue reading

Sleeping Like a Baby With Leesa

If You Respect Yourself, Go for Leesa My father used to say that you can appreciate a man by looking where he sleeps, and I like to rest with a clear conscience. I said rest, because there is so much more to sleeping than just closing your eyes and disconnecting from the world for a little while. This is why, … continue reading

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Cannahoney: the honey that will give you a buzz

Marijuana has been a bit of a celebrity in the press over the past few years. With swarming legalisation debates, medical controversy and its constant association with us millennials, it’s hard to avoid the subject. Now, think how hard it will be to avoid now a forward-thinking Frenchman that has managed to combine the properties of honey-making and the medical benefits of … continue reading

Best Foods For After Workout

When you regularly work out you usually have two motives: to keep in good health and good shape, and to lose weight. Depending on those two motives the food you put into your body after a workout will naturally differ. This is really important to know, because if you consume the wrong kind of food all that effort and energy … continue reading

Working Out Before Sunrise

The early bird gets the worm, right? You will find a thousand early risers who will stand by this affirmation no matter what, while on the other side of the barricade, another thousand voices will yell at once: “shut up and let me sleep!”. Where do you find yourself right now? Dreaming until late in the morning or waking up … continue reading

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