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The Couch Potato’s Guide to Getting Fit & Active

You don’t need a motivational poster to know that everyone’s different. For every gym junkie that gets their kicks from numerous reps, there’s a couch potato who feels just as good taking it easy. One lifestyle doesn’t have to be healthier than the other. Here’s are a few tips for the couch potato who wants to be fit and active while keeping as calm and relaxed as possible. The Easy, Obvious Stuff It doesn’t have to be hard. There are … continue reading

5 Reasons To Put Down The Bike And Pick Up The Board

Gone are the days where the coolest way to cruise around town was on the back of a two-wheeler with a baseball card pegged to one of the front wheel spokes. To appropriate a quote from George Orwell, Two wheels bad, four wheels good! Check out these five excellent reasons to put down the bike and pick up the board. Before too long you’ll be ready to jump online, head to Z-Flex Skateboards, grab some top-notch skating gear and channel … continue reading

The Surf Sauna

If you’re a surfer, you’ll be quite interested about the Surf Sauna, a cool idea that met its embodiment thanks to the team of surfers and craftsmen that dedicated their time and thoughts for creating a warm escape for those of you who fancy surfing in cold waters. The Surf Sauna is exactly what a cold-water surfer needs for relaxing in a friendly and warm environment after adventuring in a not-so-friendly temperature. The Surf Sauna is made for facing harsh, … continue reading

$17,950 Buy

Master the Game With Babolat Play Racket & App

You know Babolat, those cool dudes specialized in sporting goods, especially tennis rackets and related stuff. Now, Babolat enters the high-tech age, with their Babolat Play app and the Play Pure Drive racket. You may ask, OK Chris, well, what’s the breaking news? Well, at least to me, this is the breaking news: now you can improve your tennis skills, with the special racket from Babolat and their uber-smart app. Basically, the Babolat Play Pure Drive looks like a regular … continue reading

$399 Buy

The Furies Knife Set

If you’re into knife-throwing, I bet you’ll love The Furies. The package consists of three hand crafted throwing knives, representing a perfect mix of toughness and balance. Oh, I forgot to mention, they look awesome too. Two of the knives are Frontier inspired and the third is a Pro X thrower. If you’ll use them on a daily basis, you’ll become an expert in no time, but don’t forget : practice makes perfect. The Furies come wrapped in a sheath … continue reading

$415 Buy

The Viteo Outdoor Shower

We cannot think of a better way to celebrate the passing of the last days of summer – the Viteo outdoor shower. Providing the cool-down you need, with a twist: unlike regular showers, this time you’ll be showering in public and sort of upside-down. We’re not entirely sure how effective an upside-down shower actually is, but it sure as hell looks appealing and hey, at least some areas will get clean. You can use it on the patio, in the … continue reading

$1,250 Buy

How To Beat The Heat

We know it’s August, which means two things: summer is close to its end, yet it has reached the dreaded heat peak and therefore cannot be deemed as “almost September, bring out the pumpkin lattes” without a slick wipe of the sweat off your brow and a sheepish curl of the lips. We could tell you to move up North or hide in the basement but — wait, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. That and some other tips on how to beat the heat in the comfort of your hopefully air-conditioned urban home. Actually, if you have air-conditioning, why are you even reading this post? Go set it on minimum and laugh at the people who dare go outside at noon from behind closed blinds.

How To: Quit Smoking

xlarge How To: Quit Smoking

We all know it. It’s that little voice that keeps getting smaller and smaller as anti-cancer ads occupy more and more of the cigarette pack. The little voice that tells you that you should probably stop it with that nasty habit of yours, because you’re causing harm to more than just yourself, you selfish bastard. But how can someone that’s been exposed to threats and warnings against smoking ever take them seriously? We are so used to them that they’ve become background noise to our polluted ears.

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