How To Start A Workout Routine

You probably already know that you’re supposed to workout – and you’re probably also sick of hearing about it. But, if you’re like most people, you’re not sure exactly how to get started. To help you out, here are 4 simple tips to starting a workout routine. 1. Set your goal. One of the biggest mistakes people make when exercising … continue reading

Learning to Freedive with One of the World’s Best

Dangerous yet so exciting Freediving is more than a simple niche sport. It’s a whole discipline. People practiced it since the beginnings of their time walking on Earth, when the SCUBA system was not available. The main principles might seem easy to understand for a someone not introduced to the world of physics. I’m not here to fill you with … continue reading

The Best Surf Video You’ll Ever See

I tend to not let myself easily impressed. It’s not in my nature, I believe, because if one does so, he might end up finding himself unable to enjoy the real big things. These special moments come in different forms and shapes. Some are objects, simple or complicated, big or small, all finding their way through my soul’s maze – admit it, everyone was attached to something when they were kids. Yes, even you, my present reader.

5 Muscles to Build to Become More Appealing to Her

If you don’t have your “beach body” ready for the summer holiday season by now, you are too late to start building it at this time. But there is still time to have it ready for the next one – and build it in a way that will be the most appealing to the opposite sex. Building a body like … continue reading

Surf The Golf Course With GolfBoard

Playing golf is a touch of class. Golf is more than a sport, it’s a complex of attitude and grace, a mix of patience and skill. You can have a business meeting anywhere, but say you need to make a business meeting look special – well, you might find yourself in a shortage of possible locations to do it, because … continue reading

$6,500 Buy

Gear Up So You Don’t Run Down

Spring is here! For some people, this means they can leave their winter coats home, and grab their raincoats, because the weather is moody. For others, the first season of the year is full of allergies and spring fever, because the organism’s immune mechanisms are weak after a tough winter. But for many people, this season is full of joy, because now they can enjoy the nature’s rejuvenation. In this last category, the happiest people are the sportsmen. Now they can finally leave their dusty gym and small apartments and go for a jog in parks or stadiums. Now they can grasp the full benefits of a balanced and natural run under the pale sun of spring. But for the full pleasure of a prosperous run, a man needs his gadgets, because a man needs to keep up with technology, no matter what. Are you fully aware of the best running gear for men available on the market? If not, read on!

Airboard Classic Inflatable Sled

Winter is here and the ski resorts are filled with people who want to have fun and do some sports at the same time. But what if you are not into skiing and you want something more simple, but still fun and physically challenging? The Airboard Classic Inflatable Sled is the answer to your question. This airboard is perfect for … continue reading

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QardioBase: The Wireless Smart Scale

You have always wanted to know more than just your weight when using a scale. How about your body fat, body mass index, or water, muscle and bone composition? The QardioBase can do all these. The wireless smart scale is less than an inch thin (19.5mm) and can measure up to 396 Lbs (180kg). What adds to QardioBase uniqueness, is the … continue reading

$130 Buy

The Most Insane Ski Line Ever

insane ski line video

Professional skier Cody Townsend just pulled off what it seems to be the most insane ski line ever, passing through an impossibly narrow ridge. Powder Magazine has already awarded it as the Line of the Year, and I don’t see how anyone will be able to top that on the following years. Enjoy the video, it will pump up your adrenalin level!

Ballistic BJ Baldwin Tears Through A Mexican Village


Ballistic BJ Baldwin’ is a five-time national off-road racing champion and driver of the Monster Energy Trophy Truck. BBB has more than 17 years of off-road racing under his belt with impressive back-to-back wins at The Best in The Desert Trophy Truck Championship in 2010 and 2011. His other wins include a 2006 and 2008 victory at the SCORE-International Trophy Truck competition. Needless to say, he lives up to his ‘ballistic’ title.

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