How To Have Your Best Sleep Yet

When it comes to your sleep you might think that getting your 8 hours is enough, but quality matters. Indulging in a high quality sleep greatly affects how you feel the following day, so if you want to be on your game as soon as you wake up, you best get a good forty winks. Bedtime routine Routine is one of … continue reading

Sleeping Like a Baby With Leesa

If You Respect Yourself, Go for Leesa My father used to say that you can appreciate a man by looking where he sleeps, and I like to rest with a clear conscience. I said rest, because there is so much more to sleeping than just closing your eyes and disconnecting from the world for a little while. This is why, … continue reading

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Cannahoney: the honey that will give you a buzz

Marijuana has been a bit of a celebrity in the press over the past few years. With swarming legalisation debates, medical controversy and its constant association with us millennials, it’s hard to avoid the subject. Now, think how hard it will be to avoid now a forward-thinking Frenchman that has managed to combine the properties of honey-making and the medical benefits of … continue reading

Best Foods For After Workout

When you regularly work out you usually have two motives: to keep in good health and good shape, and to lose weight. Depending on those two motives the food you put into your body after a workout will naturally differ. This is really important to know, because if you consume the wrong kind of food all that effort and energy … continue reading

Working Out Before Sunrise

The early bird gets the worm, right? You will find a thousand early risers who will stand by this affirmation no matter what, while on the other side of the barricade, another thousand voices will yell at once: “shut up and let me sleep!”. Where do you find yourself right now? Dreaming until late in the morning or waking up … continue reading

7 Tips to Eating Healthier While Going Out

Eating is one of the best things we can do on Earth. We get happy as a result of eating, so we do it with friends and foes alike, thus making every evening out in the city an occasion for that endeavor. But how many of us still pay attention to calories intake while going out? Eating healthier should be … continue reading

Having a Beard is Healthier

If you ask me, a modern girl, who is more attractive and sexier, beardless or a man with a beard, I would always say the later. Don’t ask me why. I don’t like monk like beards but the stylish ones, not too long and not too short. And these days I feel so lucky to find out that science is … continue reading

How To Stop Being A Couch Potato In 2016

New Year, New Me How many times we heard this before, guys? It’s not even an expression anymore, it’s just some old cliche, we keep asking ourselves each year when are we finally going to stick to one of them. We discussed about this a few times before, and we think it’s about time we make some real progress. Here’s … continue reading

10 Extreme Sports to Try in a Lifetime

Check it out! Hispotion chose top 10 extreme sports only for you that should be tried during one’s lifetime. From diving with sharks to coasteering there must be some extreme activity to make your pulse racing. All of them are quite accessible and in the same time while trying them out you will visit most stunning destinations. 1. Diving with … continue reading

3 Ways To Keep A Healthy Routine On The Road

Getting in a healthy routine is one thing – with it’s own unique challenges – but sticking to it is an entirely different issue. Things become even more challenging when you need to travel frequently. You’re busy, the available food probably isn’t the best and you may not have access to a gym. Even if the hotel has a “fitness … continue reading

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