The Benefits Of Going To A Barber: Grooming Tips For Gentlemen

ediscovering the barbershop should be among the first items on your to-do list this season. There is no greater experience than having another guy lather your face and shave your beard, then oil you up with fancy pomades. Trust us on this one, you’ll feel both pampered and empowered, all while becoming your most dapper self. After one barbershop experience, you’ll be eager to have your hair and beard grow back fast so you can make another appointment in man heaven. One of … continue reading

Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne

We did tell you to go to Cuba in one of our recent articles, but if you can’t really afford the trip you can always use a substitute. Something like the Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne, complete with the feelings of regret that you’re not actually in Cuba, just vaguely smelling like a smooth cigar dancing on latino music while drinking rum. True to its name, its initial top notes contain hints of rum alongside the lime, peppermint and bergamot. The middle notes are spicy … continue reading

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Shaving Soap

If you take your shaving cream bar quite as seriously as the creator of this soap, then you’re in for a treat (hand)made in heaven. This organic, cold-processed shaving soap is made from a simple combination of castor, coconut, olive and palm oils, plus an added heap of cocoa butter to create a full, moisturizing lather, apple cider vinegar for a healthy scalp, and bentonite clay for a great glide. Good for everything from head to, well, other parts. Each bar weighs between … continue reading

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Men’s Hairstyle Trends for Spring/Summer 2013

Seemingly boarding the “Mad Men” train, designers planned out, for the most fashionable fellas among you, a year full of class and sophistication when it comes to hairstyles. Still, I’ve seen some male models pulling off the casual, “artist” hairstyle, so this year’s trends seem to cater to everybody’s preferences. Along with indicating the trend, I’ll also give you a few pointers on how to achieve the look. 1. First off, the iconic Mad Men look – the slick comb over. I’ve seen … continue reading

Key Hairstyles For 2012: The Return Of The Undercut

The undercut, a hairstyle usually reserved for those young and rebellious enough to be able to pull it off properly or for those daring enough not to care, makes its glorious return in the 2012 hot trends. The 1920s make a shocking comeback as barbers and hairdressers all over the world decide unanimously that short back and sides and length through the top is the way to go. What was once an underground look has now become increasingly popular, the razor-sharp demands of … continue reading

To Beard Or Not To Beard

As a full-time member of the fairer sex, I must admit I like a bit of fuzz on my man. Now I’m not saying you should throw away your razors and rediscover life as a hippie – not that it would be such a bad thing. No. I’m merely suggesting a break from the ol’ wake-and-shave routine. Maybe a Saturday with a bit of rock’n’roll stubble wouldn’t be so bad for your upstanding-member-of-the-society image. We all feel the need to be a bit rebellious sometimes and … continue reading