Carbon Fiber Vessel Hammock Bathtub

  The Future of Bathing Oneself The year of 2016 has shown society that it truly does live in the future. Many of the daily pieces of technology we use now were once seen in ridiculous science fiction movies. But what the company Splinter Works developed recently hasn’t been seen anywhere. Splinter Works recently developed a Hammock Bath! That’s right, … continue reading

5 Mistakes We Do In the Shower Which Might Harm Our Health

Believe it or not, but in the shower, we can really make a lot of mistakes that may harm not only our skin but also the general health of the organism. So, what mistakes should not be done while showering? We recommend you to pay attention to these five mistakes we are going to mention bellow. Shower when there are … continue reading

Discommon Aluminum Straight Razor

So Freshly Traditional Discommon is a California based young team of do-ers. Yes, exactly that, they basically do things that they feel are cool just because they feel it. It’s so simple, that it is hard to explain, but I guess the name should reveal most of their intentions. They join forces with designers from all fields of expertise, be it … continue reading

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Clean Shave With Gillette

This post brought to you by Gillette at Sam’s Club. The content and opinions expressed below are that of HisPotion – Smart Stuff for Men. Gillette‘s new Fusion ProShield is the new boy on the block. I picked these up from our local Sam’s Club, which offer a deluxe pack of the shaver plus 9 heads. So that should last around 9 months. It’s supposed to offer … continue reading

Review: Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oils

If you’re a beard sporting man (and let’s face it, these days, you probably are), you might have considered adding to your repertoire a bit of beard oil. After all, what would impress the ladies more than a finely manicured and shiny beard, smelling of subtle hints of cedar and frankincense (what the hell is that?). We here at HisPotion … continue reading

Why Beard Maintenance is Important

Beard Maintenance is in the list of a man’s basic needs. Or, at least, it should be. Just having a beard isn’t enough. You need more to it, not because we say so, but because people pay a lot of attention to an aspect like this. Should your beard be looking manly and fresh it could be the key to … continue reading

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Him

Well, my dear guys, I searched high and low for some of the coolest gifts available this season and I chose top 20 Christmas gifts that I would give to my special man for this unique occasion. I am always in a big trouble when I am searching for the right Christmas gift for him, because there are a lot … continue reading

Beard Styles In 2015 Or How To Shape Your Personality


Trends, nowadays, change more quickly than the spring’s weather and one should be well informed in order to stay on top of those changes, without looking desperate to fit in. Although women tend to be those who would spend huge amounts of time just to achieve a perfect look, this article’s topic is not about them. That’s right, we will speak about one of the most reiterated topics of stronger sex’s look: beard styles for men.

The Benefits Of Going To A Barber: Grooming Tips For Gentlemen

ediscovering the barbershop should be among the first items on your to-do list this season. There is no greater experience than having another guy lather your face and shave your beard, then oil you up with fancy pomades. Trust us on this one, you’ll feel both pampered and empowered, all while becoming your most dapper self. After one barbershop experience, … continue reading

Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne

We did tell you to go to Cuba in one of our recent articles, but if you can’t really afford the trip you can always use a substitute. Something like the Czech & Speake Cuba Cologne, complete with the feelings of regret that you’re not actually in Cuba, just vaguely smelling like a smooth cigar dancing on latino music while drinking rum. … continue reading

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