Let’s face it; most of us are addicted to caffeine. Whether you need the kick, like the taste or enjoy the smell of coffee, having an amazing brew in the morning is usually the key to having a great day. I’m as guilty as the next person that has to wake up at ungodly hours to go to college/work of the already embedded need for coffee. If I don’t get my fill in the morning, the rest of the day will find me grumpy and hard to handle. Handling sharp objects is to be avoided on such days.

So how do we make the perfect cup of coffee? The cup that exudes wonder and smells like beauty (whatever beauty smells like.)… The elusive perfection of a brew is not reserved only for the select few who own their own plantations and roast their own coffee beans. You too can achieve such mastery in brewing coffee (and not by visiting Starbucks daily).

The Water: Always used filtered water, which needs to be between 88 and 93 degrees Celsius. No less, no more. If less, you get weak coffee. If more, you get sour coffee. So pay attention to the temperature.

The Milk: for a full flavor, use full-fat milk. Cut the skim or semiskimmed milk, at least when it comes to your cup o’joe.

The Reheating: DON’T. Better make a new pot instead.

The Cup: Thick porcelain cups better retain the heat, so your coffee won’t cool down as fast. Don’t fill it to the top, to leave room for the aroma to play.

The Freshness: Always use an already-opened pack of ground coffee within a week, to avoid any deterioration in flavor. Try keeping the ground coffee in the fridge. And, as a by the way, if you want your coffee to taste of, for example, oranges, try peeling an orange next to an open pack. Coffee retains flavors easily.

The Beans: Colombian: slightly fruity taste. Indonesian: chocolatey. Brazilian: lighter coffee, good level of caffeine though. Do some research and find the right taste for you.

Once these basic rules are respected, you’re ready to brew a successful cup of coffee!