The undercut, a hairstyle usually reserved for those young and rebellious enough to be able to pull it off properly or for those daring enough not to care, makes its glorious return in the 2012 hot trends. The 1920s make a shocking comeback as barbers and hairdressers all over the world decide unanimously that short back and sides and length through the top is the way to go.

What was once an underground look has now become increasingly popular, the razor-sharp demands of the clients soaring. The cut is not as radical as it used to be, free-play being allowed with the long parts of the hair. Jason Cocking, director of Shepherd’s salon, said: ‘The reason it has become so popular is because an undercut feels individual and makes you believe you’ve got something different”. I’m not sure how different a bunch of people with the same haircut can be, but it sure gives you an edge (pun intended).

Not only men are moving towards the realms of the undercut. Women have also developed increased interest in this particular type of haircut, usually those pertaining to the punk-rock subculture. As for artists, Skrillex is probably the most well-known one-sided-undercut male musician, while Rihanna sports the cut with flair for the female side of showbiz.