Every time we go out, our eyes immediately dart towards the fast-food joints that so attractively present themselves to the hungry and busy man. Bright colors, huge pictures that promise mouth-watering goodness, smells that can knock you out if exposed to them for too long – in one word, temptation. Yes, it’s the temptation of the fast life we lead in a fast age where fast eating has become a necessary aspect of our daily routines. Gone are the days in which we took our time to actually cook something healthy at home. Time is lacking, so we make up for it by consuming cheap-but-fast products meant to satisfy our hunger and our budgets. But what about our health?

Well, I’d like to challenge you to a week without fast-food! An entire week in which the daily trips to the burger joint around the corner turn into daily trips to the farmer’s market a few blocks down. A week in which you substitute your fries with veggies, your grilled cheese with cottage cheese and sodas with natural juice. It’s not so difficult, and your body will surely feel the difference after this very demanding week, culinary-wise.

You might experience pangs of regret, longing for the tasty and easy McBurger, wishing you could munch on a few fries… but in those moments of sorrow, just remind yourself that those are not healthy, and that summer is right around the corner. Eating healthy will improve your looks remarkably. You’ll shine both on the inside and out, and your bod will be beach ready in no time.

Start with this one week then decide whether this lifestyle change is something you’d consider as a more permanent thing.