Gift Guide

Guns N Roses Beer Glasses

The iconic band is definitely living up in the heart of every fan. Turn up the music and pour some quality ale into these beautifully crafted glasses. They make a great view in any home bar. Plus, these glasses are certified collectible items. Do not wash them in the dishwasher, though.

Sneaky Socks

Gifting socks gets a bad rap, but these ones come with subtle bells and whistles. They only go up to the ankle, so they won’t show up even when he wears loafers, and they have a rubber-lined edges to keep ’em from falling down.

Throwback Snapback

Baseball season may be over, but for MLB diehards the fandom never ends. These vintage-looking caps are available for 21 different teams, and at this price, you could even add his team’s rival as a gag gift.

Better Beanie

Can’t you just picture your man wearing this 100% cashmere cap après-ski? It also comes in black, navy and red — and no matter which one you choose, the soft knit won’t mess up his hair.