Gift Guide

TaoTronics Handheld Document Portable Scanner

Modern phones take high-res photos, but sometimes only a scan will do the trick. TaoTronics handheld scanner fits inside your coat pocket and scans pretty much anything. Gift it to your journalist buddy or to your newspaper hungry colleague.

Rogue One Jacket by Columbia

Get more pumped than ever about the upcoming Star Wars movie with this Rogue One jacket by Columbia. This is limited edition, so act fast. It comes with insulating technology on the inside and waterproof, breathable membrane on the outer layer.

Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter

At just 1.8 ounces (50 grams), this ferro rod and striker extends to 18 inches and allows you to light up a fire by shooting sparks at 5000 C. It will even light up wet wood, and since it weighs less than a lighter, it’s a must have on any off-city trip.

Neil Patrick Harris Playing Cards

Wait for it… this is going to be fabulous! Actor and art director Neil Patrick Harris designed this premium set of cards to support AIDS charity. The set features elegant typography and exquisite details painted beneath a golden foil.

Kathy Wood Box Sign for Cats

Joy within a 5 square inch box. These signs are directly related to your purry friends, so let them know how much you value them. Leave them on the coffee table or hang them by the wall, it’s up to you. Just make sure everybody sees these wooden declarations of love.

BioBubble Reptile Terrarium

Ideal gift for your gecko or other small reptile friend, BioBubble Terrarium makes them feel comfortable within a decorated glass room. There is a 360-degree view thanks to the crystal clear dome and an adequate bed tray for easy cleanup.

Master & Dynamic MH30 Headphones

These headphones are targeted directly at your audiophile buddy. The New York based company creates marvels in terms of design and sound quality – MH30 is no exception. Made from the highest grade steel and premium inserts, these headphones might outlive you.