Gift Guide

Ystudio Portable Fountain Pen

Be exquisite in details. Jump over imposing watches or rough crafted bracelets. Aim for a quality fountain pen with a message. Keep around a memory of vanishing cultures with Ystudio portable fountain pen. Draw the lines yourself: either fine or medium.

Burberry Sandringham Trech Coat

Back in 1879, Thomas Burberry had an awesome idea: The Sandringham. A slim trench coat that shields from water and wind. The exquisite addition of shoulder epaulettes inspire a scent of military life while the sand colorway blends with many outfits and shoes.

Heavy Duty Work Apron

Get the proper present for the hard working dude. Don’t sweat it with a sweater, a sturdy apron will be gratefully received. Reinforced with metal rivets and grommets, double stitched pockets and weather resistant. The Hudson heavy duty apron is ready to get dirty in the garage or factory.

Single Malt: Macallan Rare Cask

If he already has a rocking chair and a fireplace, a single malt scotch will compliment the environment. This one’s almost two centuries old. Notes of dark honey and dried fruit satisfy the taste of even the most picky drinkers.

Mott & Bow Comfortable Jeans

A man’s worst nightmare is a never-ending shopping mall. You’d have to spend hours finding a pair of jeans that’s both comfortable and resilient. Mott & Bow gets it. They create the best mix of durable material and soft weaves for an optimal result. Fortunately, they also ship at your doorstep so you won’t have […]

SquareStreet SQ31 Watch

Make the wrist shine elegantly with an aluminium timepiece. And since you’re aiming for style, choosing a decent brand is a must. SQ31 Aluminum watch is minimal yet detailed. Amazingly, the mechanism is just 2.3 mm tall, but lasts 42 months without rearming.

Defusable Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are the bomb! No, literally. This kit allows you to build an alarm clock that looks like a bomb. Given its Arduino system, it can be modified to the core, making it more fun. Just make sure you won’t take it with you at the airport.

Memory Foam Pillow For Side Sleepers

Arm sleepers, unite! This pillow is specifically designed for those who tuck their hand under the pillow. It provides a cushioned area where the hand rests comfortably. Memory foam ensures the same shape every time you go to sleep. Cozy, isn’t it?