Gift Guide

Shooting Pivotal Trainer

The perfect gift for gun-enthusiasts – The Pivotal Trainer by Triumph Systems will train you and improve your loved one’s accuracy and performance in times of stress.

Touch 1K Flashlight

Editors Choice – A compact and waterproof flashlight, phone charger, and lantern – all in one. Must have for all you outdoor junkies!

Halo Sport Headset

This baby is a special one – the headset uses new breakthrough tech to improve the wearer’s workouts by stimulating the brain. Used by countless pro athletes.

ITS Kevlar Escape Laces

No, these won’t try to escape from you. Instead, you can use ITS kevlar laces to cut through restraints and free your hands. Given they’re made out of kevlar, chances are this is the last set of shoelaces you will ever buy. Might even consider adding them to your will, as they will surely outlive […]

Submarine Sports Car

Modeled as the Lotus Elise that James Bond used in of the 007 movies, this submarine sports car can actually go underwater. It’s full electric and comes along with a scuba diving suit designed for your size. It can even run autonomously both on ground and underwater.

Kapten & Son Watches

A welcoming Christmas present, Kapten & Son watches are guaranteed to be gratefully received by any man with decent taste. With a bit of fishing history encapsulated within the case, Kapte & Son watches present a minimalistic design, however not lacking a particular style.

Barber Shop Scented Candles

Take the smell from the barbershop, library or coffee shops with you when you get home. Light these candles up and enjoy a brilliant change in the atmosphere. It’s just the perfect entree for a boy’s night in or a quiet reading Sunday.

The Art Of Fixing Things

Have that someone who’s always lurking behind the fridge, under the sink, or opening the laptop to see its insides? Provide a practical push-up with a comprehensive guide on fixing… well, mostly anything around.