Do you feel like you let yourself go over these long (and food-filled) winter months? Are your abs sulking under layers of hamburgers and sodas? Do you want to achieve the ultimate beach bod with somewhat minimum effort (time-wise)? Is this starting to sound like a teleshopping ad yet?

Well then, you should meet the most awesome workout for your abs: Ab Ripper X! These ab ripper exercises are bound to get you in shape before June kicks in. The duration of the workout is about 25 minutes – so you can’t claim you didn’t have enough time! –, but it’s really intense. Two words that could be used to describe the workout: painful and rewarding. So if you think the final results are worth the pain, this is the workout for you. Yes, you: the busy men that can’t fit an hour of gym a day in their schedule.

If this sparked your interest, you can find a complete description of the exercises plus videos on this page.