Get Creative: Bedroom Games

We’ve gathered a few of the most interesting erotic bedroom games that we could find, for your viewing – and trying – pleasure. Because we all know routine sometimes intervenes in your otherwise rock-star-ish sex lives; and in order to keep things sizzling, new and exciting, one must break from the routine and try something a little more on the kinky side of the mattress. So go ahead and make your partner’s day (or night)!

The minute game

Together, write down different sexual activities you enjoy, adding time frames from 1 to 3 minutes. Try to be as creative as possible with your ideas. Put the notes in a jar. Take turns in taking out one note at a time. Read it and then do the activity.

Pleasing Eye Gazing 

This bedroom game should be played while both of you are stark naked. It’s like a sexy ‘who blinks first’ game, really. You basically have to look into each other’s eyes for as long as you can without blinking – the one who blinks first loses and has to do something to please the other (like neck kissing, massaging, light biting, spilling a little chocolate sauce on a specific body part and licking it up, etc.) This is an excellent game to create more closeness. According to Alex Allman, author of Revolutionary Sex, eye gazing actually makes you like each other more. If you want to make eye gazing as effective as possible, gaze into each other’s left eyes as it will create much stronger attraction.

Tie Down

How about you rev things up by enjoying a little bondage teasing? Thought it might be a good idea. For this specific game, one of you will tie the other one to the bed or any piece of furniture, really, and then take full control. The dominant one should tease and be playful: touch, kiss, lick, bite, blow on and play with. If you want, you can also use props (like a soft scarf, a vibrator, ice cubes, food or drinks, etc.) Drag it out and make her beg for you!

Kinky Coin Toss

All you need for this game is some loose change. To play: Flip a coin. If it comes up heads, you have to be her love slave for the night; tails, she’s yours.

Truth or Pleasure

We all know the game truth or dare, but here is the improved version, with a little sexy twist. If you choose truth you have to answer a question related to sex. If you choose pleasure you have to give the other person one minute of pleasure of their choice. You can take this game as far as you want, but start out easy with the pleasure. It will be more fun this way!

If you happen to have any ideas of your own, feel free to share in the comment section.

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By on May 26th, 2012
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