Recon Jet. The Ultimate Eyewear Gadget

If you’re wondering what Recon Jet is, well, no, you’re wrong, it’s not an Airplane and it has nothing to do with the military. Recon Jet is  a version of the GoogleGlass on steroids, the ultimate EyeWear for athletes everywhere. Being marketed as the ultimate triathlon device, this is basically a wearable computer designed to help athletes to monitor and improve their performance. The Recon Jet comes packed with all sorts of sensors, like a gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, altimeter and thermometer, it has a high resolution … continue reading

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Vinylize Eyewear

For the hipster in you. Since just listening to vinyl records and wearing pretentious glasses wasn’t enough, Vinylize decided to mesh the two hipsteresque activities into one great fashion statement. Eco friendly and pleasing to the eye, these particular frames are stylish, sophisticated and hard on the wallet. If only you knew how to make your own vinyl frames, you sigh. Until that day comes, you can always scrap up some loose change and buy yourself a pair. Prices start from around $400.

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Stone Collection Eyewear by Shwood

No sunny day without sunglasses! In late spring, Shwood came up with a new eyewear line, Stone Collection. The line contains frames made of a combination of granite slate and premium Birch wood. The sunnies also feature a walnut interior and a stainless steel axe logo. The result: smart looking sunglasses. Originally designed to be a limited edition, the line was so successful, it has led the brand to introduce the Stone Collection into its main line.

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Hampton Chestnut Glasses

If you were wondering what GLCO stands for, let’s just clear that out before we begin: Garrett Leight California Optical, the company founded by (you guessed it!) Garett Leight. Inspired by his California surroundings, GLCO is laid back and sophisticated, showcasing the classic 20th century American styles with a modern twist.  The Hampton Chestnut can be worn either as an eyeglass or a sunglass, thanks to the folding acetate sunglass clip. Functional and stylish!

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Maboo Jays Bamboo Sunglasses

Handmade from bamboo, these eco-friendly shades will keep you cool. Literally. While retaining the fresh feel of nature and zen that bamboo inspires, they merge with the urban environment beautifully, creating a symbiosis between the two. Every pair is of the highest quality, having a distinct bamboo texture and detailed carvings on the rims. All shades come complete with 1.1 polarized lenses, a cool bamboo case and a personal microfiber pouch. They’re available for preordering, so hurry up and get your own pair. Just keep in … continue reading

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Giaguaro by Super

In the incredibly-in-pattern of burnt havana/yellow tortoise, these round sunglasses will  give you an 100% UV protected edge. Featuring Carl Zeiss green lens, the Giaguaros will make you awesome this summer, from the tip of your nose to the tip of your… polished shoes. Made in Italy out of acetate and metal, they’re quite a fashion catch. Get your own pair now!

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Be Fly With These Ginger Tortoiseshell Aviator Sunglasses

New in and exclusive from ASOS, these aviator style sunglasses will shade your eyes from the sun – while hiding your gaze as you subtly stare at attractive women while walking. The frame is super slim, as well as the temples – both being covered in an orange tortoiseshell model. They feature a total UV protection and they come with a soft pouch case. Stylish! Be fly this spring sporting these pretty damn cool aviator sunglasses! Warning: you might feel the compelling urge to get … continue reading

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