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Explorer Sunglass. Cool Shades for a Smooth Ride

A piece of jewelry born from the collaboration of AETHER Apparel company and luxury eyewear brand Salt Optics, the Explorer Sunglass is a staple example of contemporary design. Created with the motorcycle rider in mind, the Explorer Sunglass feature an all titanium frame, including nose pads, which provide sturdiness and flexibility, especially when they have to be put on or … continue reading

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Revitalize Your Summer Style with 2015’s Sunglasses

The cool, popular and stylish sunglasses for men 2015

There comes a moment every year when something is missing, even though the nature revives and birds are chirping. That’s right! The sun grows stronger and stronger and you have to squint your eyes in order to see anything. This is the right moment to search for your last season’s sunglasses or choose to buy new ones. Well, for both cases, here are some tips for the right choice involving the cool sunglasses for 2015.

20 Stylish Sunglasses for Summer


It’s time to invest in the right pair of sunglasses! We have compiled the latest trends for 2014, offering you the highest quality and most exclusive sunglasses of the season. 20 pairs that are guaranteed not to disappear in the drawer, next season. You’ve got plenty of models and options here with prices ranging from $14 to $1,100.

Tens Sunglasses. The Real Life Photo Filter

What we see on a regular day while going to work or taking a walk can have a pretty strong influence over what we feel or think in those moments. A pretty common example for a better understanding of what I’m getting to: a sunny day is more beautiful than a rainy, gray one, and I’m not referring to anything … continue reading

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6 Smart Glasses, For Smart Users


Long gone are the days when wearing glasses would only make you look smart – say hello to the glasses that are smart. We have comprised a list of six such must-have items, so that you can choose what will make you, in turn, smart (and the teeniest bit like Tony Stark. You probably won’t go around building robots any time soon, but changing the song just by talking to your glasses and playing with holographic images is a surefire start.) Enjoy, and let’s see how smart you can really get.

Shwood’s New Titanium Sunglasses

It’s summer, well almost, and if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t care about things, well, you should get yourself a pair of titanium sunglasses. You know, titanium, just like that metal used in the SR 71 Blackbird, the metal of all metals, almost indestructible, almost impossible to kill the bastard. Well, there’s a company with a weird name, … continue reading

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Recon Jet. The Ultimate Eyewear Gadget

If you’re wondering what Recon Jet is, well, no, you’re wrong, it’s not an Airplane and it has nothing to do with the military. Recon Jet is  a version of the GoogleGlass on steroids, the ultimate EyeWear for athletes everywhere. Being marketed as the ultimate triathlon device, this is basically a wearable computer designed to help athletes to monitor and improve … continue reading

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Vinylize Eyewear

For the hipster in you. Since just listening to vinyl records and wearing pretentious glasses wasn’t enough, Vinylize decided to mesh the two hipsteresque activities into one great fashion statement. Eco friendly and pleasing to the eye, these particular frames are stylish, sophisticated and hard on the wallet. If only you knew how to make your own vinyl frames, you … continue reading

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Stone Collection Eyewear by Shwood

No sunny day without sunglasses! In late spring, Shwood came up with a new eyewear line, Stone Collection. The line contains frames made of a combination of granite slate and premium Birch wood. The sunnies also feature a walnut interior and a stainless steel axe logo. The result: smart looking sunglasses. Originally designed to be a limited edition, the line … continue reading

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Hampton Chestnut Glasses

If you were wondering what GLCO stands for, let’s just clear that out before we begin: Garrett Leight California Optical, the company founded by (you guessed it!) Garett Leight. Inspired by his California surroundings, GLCO is laid back and sophisticated, showcasing the classic 20th century American styles with a modern twist.  The Hampton Chestnut can be worn either as an eyeglass or a sunglass, thanks to … continue reading

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