Does Size Matter ?

Women Really after Large Penis 150x150 Does Size Matter ?

It's the motion of the ocean..

Yeap, we’re talking about bananas today, your banana that is. We did our homework and asked women if size matters. From 18 years old babes that just discovered joysticks to cougars that had a whole plantation of this lovely fruit throughout their long lovemaking lives. The answers varied based on past experiences, their body types and many other factors. But of course you’re here to see what the majority of women think.

Forgot to mention we also met some inexperienced or “gee I never thought about this..” (Riiiight!) type of women. We wanted to ignore this last type but we realized this is a somewhat important segment of woman and decided to list their answers as “Not sure”. So here we go:

Does Size Matter? (actual poll)

  • Yes – 53%
  • No – 25%
  • Not Sure – 22%

So yes, size does matter for woman!

Now don’t despair – size is a relative word and there were lots of answers we got back once we launched our 3 words question. To better exemplify these answers, a very sexy mid-30 y.o. beauty spoke these words of wisdom while smiling and miming waves with her bottom:


It is not necessary the length, thickness counts… and it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

Go surfing!

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By on April 28th, 2011
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