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5 Perfect and Inspiring Destinations for Solo Travelers

To travel to various exotic corners of the world needs a lot of bravery. So to find a companion, who will go on an adventure of the lifetime with you, might often be a difficult task. That is why solo traveling is becoming more and more popular – even women start to travel the world alone! To move and travel … continue reading

Martinis Equal Bold Refinement

The classic martini is perhaps best known thanks to the preference of a certain legendary British spy, though most bartenders would probably take issue with his insistence on having the drink “shaken, not stirred.” The traditional martini recipe calls for a 3:1 ratio of gin and dry vermouth, stirred with ice before being strained into a cocktail glass. However, there … continue reading

5 Mistakes We Do In the Shower Which Might Harm Our Health

Believe it or not, but in the shower, we can really make a lot of mistakes that may harm not only our skin but also the general health of the organism. So, what mistakes should not be done while showering? We recommend you to pay attention to these five mistakes we are going to mention bellow. Shower when there are … continue reading

Leather Dopp Kit

Today we’re reviewing the Curo Dopp Kit from WaterField in SF. The first thing I’ve noticed when unpacking was the scent. Aww there’s noting like the aroma of pure leathers. This little cutie comes in either grizzly brown or black leather. This little pack is perfect for storing grooming items – ideal for travel or daily use. But on the other hand, I can … continue reading

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Clean Shave With Gillette

This post brought to you by Gillette at Sam’s Club. The content and opinions expressed below are that of HisPotion – Smart Stuff for Men. Gillette‘s new Fusion ProShield is the new boy on the block. I picked these up from our local Sam’s Club, which offer a deluxe pack of the shaver plus 9 heads. So that should last around 9 months. It’s supposed to offer … continue reading

Understanding the Value of Genuine Quality Dress Socks

As modern fashion continues to advance and move from trend to trend, it’s always comforting to see timeless styles and accessories remain in good taste, such as quality dress socks. And while the majority of people both wear and even enjoy socks on a daily basis, very few actually understand the true value of a quality pair, and how they … continue reading

Review: Detroit Grooming Co. Beard Oils

If you’re a beard sporting man (and let’s face it, these days, you probably are), you might have considered adding to your repertoire a bit of beard oil. After all, what would impress the ladies more than a finely manicured and shiny beard, smelling of subtle hints of cedar and frankincense (what the hell is that?). We here at HisPotion … continue reading

How and Why to Stay Clear of Mosquitoes This Year

Considering that it’s still officially winter, staying clear of mosquitoes seems like something out of place. But these annoying little creatures get a huge dose of attention lately, as they are associated with the scariest virus of the year (so far). Zika fever’s pathogen is carried by a mosquito called Aedes aegypti (yellow fever mosquito), which only lives in subtropical … continue reading

Pimp Out Your Lego With These Rims

LEGO, something we grew to know and love since our toddler years, is one of human’s greatest inventions. These timeless pieces of plastic allow us to materialize our visions into real life models. The problem is how to make your model a work of art and not “just another LEGO”. The problem of course lies within the very generic parts available out of the … continue reading

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Field Muzetto Leather Bag

The good folks at WaterFields were cool enough to allow us at HisPotion to try out their latest bag. The Field Muzetto bag, made from distressed leather, is designed to hold a laptop while keeping stylish. Using and wearing a Waterfield bag a luxurious feeling. The quality of the product is hard to put in words, but just feel right. We used the bag … continue reading

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