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How One Man Made a Million in Just a Few Minutes

Pete Dolloway was an electrician from Sheldon, Birmingham. We say “was” because on the 25th of October, something happened that changed his life forever. For Pete, 36 years old and married with kids, it was just another Sunday. He was sat enjoying the London-based NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars, contemplating his 4:30 am start on Monday … continue reading

That Looks Good! Tender Belly Pork Products


The Man’s Guide to Accessorizing Like a Boss

Every mall has dozens of stores that are dedicated to helping women accessorize their outfit with jewellery, shoes, hats and more. When it comes to men’s fashion however, accessories can feel a little like an afterthought in the retail world. Which is probably why many men don’t give accessories much thought. Fashion is an expression and extension of personal style. … continue reading

Astro Bluetooth Speaker

Astro Beauty Shot

Meet the Astro Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker works a bit different than standard ones, by better using hardware to manage the sound. Hardware maintains the music integrity while software might change it.

$139 Buy

Boogli Charging Docks

Charging our mobile devices is a necessary but boring process. Boogli is a new fun charging dock. This makes the process more enjoyable and entertaining, instead of just functionable. At the heart of Boogli is the unique personality and quirky sidekick who brings unexpected fun into your family’s day. Connect your mobile device to a Boogli character and watch it come to … continue reading

$59.00 Buy

Don Julio: The Man and the Tequila Empire

Disclaimer: HisPotion worked with our friends at Tequila Don Julio to write this post Tequila – Not a Walk in The Park Alcohol creation is one of the more delicate arts out there. Tequila, the Mexican distilled beverage we came to love is no different. Made from the blue agave plants, the process of planting, tending, and harvesting the agave plant remains a … continue reading

The Men’s Travel Bucket List: Europe’s Top 9 Cities For Men

A special type of bucket list: As a man it is your duty to visit these 9 European cities before you yourself will kick the rattling kettle. 1. Amsterdam With legal (read: tolerated) Marihuana purchase and a world-renowned red light district Amsterdam is every adolescent man’s dream – if you are no older than 19, that is. Soon enough ‘getting … continue reading

5 Men’s Fashion Trends which need to die out NOW

There’s a very thin line when it comes to staying on the right side of fashion but unfortunately too many men cross that line. There’s nothing wrong with dressing on trend, dressing well and taking pride in your appearance, but let’s face it – some items of clothing should never get within a million miles of a man’s wardrobe. Here … continue reading

Prepare Yourself – Paxton Snorkle Jacket

Not sure where around the world you’re reading this from, but for us in the northern hemisphere, winter is among us. Having just survived a nasty storm, wanted to share some jackets I wish I had: Penfield Paxton Long Insulated Snorkle Jacket The jacket goes for $310 at EastDane And if you’re from a warmer country, maybe this jacket is … continue reading

Inspiring Sceneries from Around Europe

Many of HisPotion’s visitors are loyal readers, who love the good things in life and appreciate our taste too. Today we wanted to share some awesome pictures sent to us from a loyal HP reader, Brendan Vonder Heide. The pictures were taken recently in various locations around Europe. About the Photographer Name / age / location: Brendan Vonder Heide, 25 living … continue reading

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